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If your work involves handling numerous files from your computer, you probably need a quick, efficient way to generate a list containing certain documents' location along with additional details about them.
Directory File List is one of the applications that can generate the list mentioned above with minimum efforts.
No setup required
This program does not require you to install it on your computer, as simply decompressing the contents of its archive and launching the executable lets you benefit from its capabilities entirely.
More so, it is possible that you can run it from removable media such as external HDDs or USB flash drives as well. It does not tamper with any of your Windows registry entries, nor does it create additional files or folders on your computer without your explicit permission.
Simplistic interface
Directory File List comes with a minimalistic user interface that packs a few functions, which can be easily understood and operated by a broad range of users, regardless of their previous experience with similar software or PC skills.
It also packs a standard configuration menu, where you can adjust some of its settings and tweak the application so that it fits your preferences better. Accessing it can be done by clicking the Option button in the main window.
Generate lists of documents on your PC
This program enables you to create lists of documents on your computer simply and with minimum efforts. You only have to specify a target directory on your PC and an output folder for the list to be saved in.
If you disable the Simple List setting in the Options menu, you can decide what attributes will be included in the file list, what delimiter should be used and the extension of the output document. The extensive list of attributes includes name, size, item type, date modified, offline status, owner, date taken or contributing artists. The application can only save the generated list as a TXT, a CSV or a TSV file on your PC.
Lightweight file list generator that supports numerous attributes
All things considered, Directory File List is a lightweight, reliable application that enables you to generate lists of documents on your computer in an effortless manner. It requires no installation, comes with a simplistic user interface, packs intuitive options and features support for an extensive selection of attributes.







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This project was initially designed to be a helper application to pomodoro technique but has evolved as a tool that let’s you keep track of your time and tasks in your 25 minute session. You can easily pause the timer to make a long phone call, do some other task like sending an e-mail or anything else. The application can be used as a timer or a calendar app.
Improvements in later releases:
1. Pausing the timer.
2. Showing the application in tray icon.
3. This project uses notepad as an editor. Can be changed to Notepad++ (included with the latest release of.NET) and other similar text editors.
4. Better session management.
GPL License and Links:

Actions to follow for a positive rating:
1. +1 if you like this application
2. +1 if you rate the application
3. +1 if you post a comment
4. +1 if you share the application with others (via “Make a CD with this application” option in the about window)./* Generated by RuntimeBrowser
Image: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/OfficeImport.framework/OfficeImport

@interface PTCreatePSToCalendarTasksResult : PTCreatePSToCalendarTasksResultBase {
double _duration;
double _startTime;

@property double duration;
@property double startTime;

+ (id)defaultXmlNode;

– (double)duration;
– (id)initWithDocument:(id)arg1 session:(id)arg2;
– (double)startTime;
– (void)setDuration:(double)arg1;
– (void)setStartTime:(double)arg1;

Although the ideal candidate is motivated, self-directed, and able to embrace a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and collaborative culture, we are also looking for individuals who embrace a strong, mission-driven philosophy and team spirit. We believe this makes for a great working environment and a solid long-term culture. You will:

We offer a competitive salary and benefits package

Fun and challenging technical work that is central to understanding and improving our products

Potential for unlimited growth and career development

WinPrint [Latest 2022]

“KeyMACRO” is a powerful, easy-to-use command line script that let you program complex keyboard shortcuts.
KeyMACRO is powerful: in a few seconds you can program shortcuts using your mouse to work with your computer with the keyboard.
KeyMACRO is easy-to-use: no skills are required to use it, you don’t need to learn programming to use it.
KeyMACRO is FREE: just download and copy the executable files into a directory in your PATH (for example WINDOWSCOMMAND).
KEYMACRO is composed by three files:
“KeyMACRO” is the main executable file that execute the macros you have written. It is installed in the directory WINDOWSCOMMAND.
“keymacro.vbs” contains the macros. It is installed in the directory WINDOWSCOMMAND.
“keymacro.ini” contains the settings. It is installed in the directory WINDOWSCOMMAND.
Usage examples:
1) Open “KeyMACRO” in the directory WINDOWSCOMMAND and click on the “File” menu.
2) Select “Macros”.
3) Run the macros in the “Macro Editor”.
4) Exit.
6) In the same directory WINDOWSCOMMAND, run “KeyMACRO” again.
7) Select “Macros”.
8) Run the macros in the “Macro Editor”.
9) Exit.
10) In the same directory WINDOWSCOMMAND, run “KeyMACRO” again.
11) Select “Settings”.
12) Save the settings you need.
13) Exit.
14) In the same directory WINDOWSCOMMAND, run “KeyMACRO”.
15) Select “Macros”.
16) Select “Import”.
17) Select the file you wish to import.
18) Select “Import”.
19) When finished, exit.
20) In the same directory WINDOWSCOMMAND, run “KeyMACRO” again.
21) Select “Macros”.
22) Select “Export”.
23) Select the file you wish to export.
24) Select “Export”.
25) When finished, exit.
26) In the same directory WINDOWSCOMMAND, run “KeyMACRO

WinPrint Free

WinPrint is a simple utility to print Ascii text files. It allows you to select the printer, the font, the color, the orientation of the text and also if the text should be right justified or left justified.
It includes 2 kind of text files; the first kind is created with a macro editor (or text editor); the second kind is made with a script file and uses the built-in shell commands “PAGER” and “COLOR” to print.
It can be used as an easy solution to create or to print a simple text file.
Use and limitations:
WinPrint is free software. Use it with your data and with your printer as you wish.
Don’t use it for serious work because the software is for personal use only.

The Sintron system is a high quality distributed version control system for the.NET platform. Its design is heavily inspired by the well-known VCS, the Subversion, but is primarily written in the C# programming language. The Sintron system is intended to provide all the features necessary for a modern version control system and includes branching, renaming, merging, rebasing and updating in a highly integrated framework.

If you appreciate the binary size of the executable, this is a 15.6KB small program.

The Sintron is a distributed version control system for.NET that has some features that sets it apart from the rest of the competition. It is developed by the Xumsoft team and has been tested on several platforms. The Sintron project is under active development. The current version of the product is 2.2.0. You can read more about it in the Sintron homepage. The 2.2.0 version is quite stable and might satisfy your version control needs. It comes in two languages (C# and VB.NET). The Sintron download page offers you the choice of download via HTTP or FTP server.

Quick Print is a really simple alternative to the WinPrint program to print ASCII text files. It runs from the command line and is best used to quickly print a file or set of files. The program allows you to select the printer, the font and the color and if the text should be right justified or left justified. The program is free software and can be downloaded from the Download page.

By the way, the term text files can also be referred to as ASCII files.

The PadplusPro editor is a free, simple

What’s New in the WinPrint?

– Support printing from any DOS or Windows application
– Supports printing to any printer
– Supports printing to any format

With Elzma you are able to search through and read digital books in your home and find them in your Kindle.
With Elzma you are able to search through and read digital books in your home and find them in your Kindle.
Unlike other options out there, this one is not a dead one, as it comes with an extremely active developer community. This means it will be able to evolve as long as people keep coding and keep its usefulness going.
Besides its desktop client, the application has also a web version to add to the ease of use. Not only can you search for the book you want and download it to your Kindle, but you can also download your Kindle books and add them to your desktop software.
To top off this all, this product is open source and can be downloaded for free.
Bookmarks are a nice feature
However, one of the things that put this application on the list is that you can bookmark your own books and then share them with other people, all you have to do is to log in with your Amazon account and then send them to your Kindle.
You can also import your books and personal information from the browser, meaning that you can keep them on your Kindle even if you have changed your Amazon account.
Since you can use your own Kindle, this means that you can keep its contents synced between your PC and your Kindle.
Download this software and add to your Kindle
Now you are free to use this application with a nice digital library to download any book you need.
It doesn’t have a lot of features, but it does do what it needs to and is easy to use, which makes it a good application for adding to your Kindle.

Never lose something again. WinRing is an application designed to help you recover a document, image, or a folder from an external storage device. It is totally free and always comes out ahead of other similar solutions.
WinRing is the direct successor of a famous application from three years ago called WinRing BackSpace. This first version of WinRing BackSpace was designed to recover not only a folder but all your files from a drive partition. It was able to be used on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It was also incredibly easy to use. It provided a very useful feature that allowed you to check the progress of the operation. Besides, it used very little memory in the background and had an easy-to-use interface.
Ever since that first version, developers took the software on and improved it. While the search feature and the efficiency remained largely the same, they added new features like being able to recover the last run of an application or restore a folder that you had modified or even moved.
WinRing BackSpace 3
WinRing BackSpace 3 is even better

System Requirements:

Windows XP 64bit
Windows Vista 64bit
Windows 7 64bit
How to install the Houdini:
1. Download and extract to any location you like. (create a folder if you wish)
2. Unzip the contents to the installation location. (create a folder if you wish)
3. You must rename the folder to install_folder as it is done during the installation process.
4. Start your main browser, and go to the link provided in the description below.