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KEYMACRO will program your advanced Keyboads with macros that you can execute with a keyboard shortcut or a click of a mouse button.
A macro is a collection of often short computer codes that often act on a series of keyboard or mouse events. Macros allow for fast repetitive tasks and are the simplest way to perform many of the keyboard shortcuts available.
KEYMACRO features:
• Program from a file or a clipboard
• Program any number of keys
• Store all macros in a file
• Search and edit keys by name
• Import and export macros
• In case of a conflict, change the names of the macros
• Drag and drop keys onto the program interface
• Full documentation of macros and functions
• Save configuration for every macro
• Save macro settings for all macros in one go
• Organize macros into categories and subcategories
• Triggers
• Auto key repeat
• Multiple configuration options
• New categories of macros
• Custom shortcuts and commands
• Drag and drop keys
• Drag and drop macros
• Modify keys with right click
• Custom functions
• Switch between windows
• Add key shortcuts
• Edit key shortcut functions
• Copy key shortcuts
• Import / Export Macro
• Create a unique search field
• Get advanced function references
• Edit a macro key entry
• Toggle edit mode
• Generate a comma separated list
• Create and import custom categories
• Browse directories
• Import macros from folders
• Export macros to a file
• Import custom data fields
• Export custom data to a file
• Configure keyboard shortcuts
• Modify keyboard shortcuts
• Modify key modifiers
• Customize key labels
• Add new keys
• Erase keys
• Show the keys’ current status
• View keys’ modification status
• Clean key symbols
• Export keyboard layout
• Export keyboard layout to a file
• Export keyboard layout to a clipboard
• Export all key names to a file
• Export all key names to a clipboard
• Export all modification status
• Copy all keys to the clipboard
• New keyboard shortcuts
• Generate a unique search field
• Edit a macro’s key name
• Invert key names
• Reset to defaults
• Delete key
• Search key by name
• Find key by name
• Search a macro
• Delete a macro
• Delete macros
• Generate a unique 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO makes your data entry a lot easier and faster. It helps you to type long alphanumeric data, such as license numbers, quickly and accurately.
The software creates special characters, such as multiplication signs and division signs, in order to reduce the input data volume. For example, when typing “47:15”, the keyboard shows you two numbers in the form of multiplication signs.
Furthermore, the data entry in form of numbers and letters is increased with the help of regular expressions and wildcards. Wildcards are used to replace a single letter by a single symbol or even a series of symbols.
The software lets you change the text and background color in order to customize the entire program to your needs.

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Enjoy some quality watercolors on my Facebook page:
All the watercolor paintings in this series were painted by Saleem Saleem and some of them are of an original painting by Saleem.
Saleem Saleem is a unique watercolor artist who uses only watercolor and brush to paint. He creates a wonderful mood in his paintings and shares a fascinating perspective on our world. His work is so inspiring and the emotions he conveys in his paintings are real and authentic.
Follow Saleem Saleem:

How to install:
1) On your phone, go to Settings and scroll down to find the Google Play Store (or App Store for iOS)
2) Tap on the Google Play (App Store) or iTunes logo, and then search for Saleem Saleem
3) Download the app and open the app.
4) Log in to the app using your Facebook or Google account
5) Select a painting
6) Use the arrows on the keyboard to change the angle of the picture
7) Select a new color from the palette of colors and tap on a part of the painting to add it to your coloring book.
8) Tap the pencil icon to paint