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The screensaver features a discrete animation of waves that can be viewed from a number of different angles. The frames are updated automatically to the latest reflections, giving the impression of a moving waterfall. There are four levels of effect that can be selected.
You can set the slideshow to play in one or in reverse directions. There is a zoom effect, and a menu from which you can set the animation effect to one of 4: no animation, splash, ripple, and the classic ripple/wave.
The sound effect can be turned off from the screensaver settings, or the audio track can be set to the background or to the overlay. A panoramic menu is available from which you can adjust the slideshow, animation, direction, and sound track volume.

With the help of world-renowned showman and magician David Copperfield, I’ve been able to provide a new performance for your desktop. “High-Def Magic” lets you unleash the inner magicians of all of us, making digital clips and other content emerge from virtually nothing. “High-Def Magic” can create amazing effects for virtually any desktop, such as:
– Making your desktop’s default background a faded (and quickly fading) photograph
– Magicly making a set of words, words or words, appear on a previously blank screen
– Changing your desktop background to a picture of a building
– Turning the right-click menu on your desktop into an old-fashioned one
– Transforming your desktop into a giant magical pinwheel
– Putting a magic CD or DVD into your computer, which then plays a video
– Turning your keyboard into a wizard’s robe
– Creating new files and folders magically
– Making your screen’s transparency disappear magically
– Making “magic” happen on your mouse
– Making your screen appear on another computer (with a little work)
…and dozens more! “High-Def Magic” will make your desktop come alive!
“High-Def Magic” is not a security threat. It’s free to use and safe to download and install. You’re not going to become an evil wizard, nor will you suck up your screen’s memory. And it’s all magic, of course.
“High-Def Magic” creates stunning images. Choose from two effects: the classic, hand-drawn effect, or the intricate, 3-D effect that makes “High-Def Magic” glow on your monitor. The settings menu has 30 separate options that include:
– Automatically fading a bit

Lakeside Reflection [Updated-2022]

Saves you from typing the characters that you type in.
KEYMACRO Screen Saver Description:
When you type in characters that are highlighted the keyboard enters those characters in your document.

Lets you display your favourite work or family pictures in a neat and professional way. When you are browsing your photos, select a picture and press the hotkey to instantly put it in high resolution. Can also be used with other keyboard shortcuts.

A program that allows you to watch your favourite movie using a custom skin with background music and to search for subtitles, the movie and listen to it right from the program. You can also set any song or movie as your system idle-music.

A beautiful screensaver that presents to you a variety of natural and fascinating photos of plants and flowers. The photos, like all others, have been selected carefully and arranged with great care by experts.

Pdf Scribble is the ideal way of reading the Internet and the eBook. In the demonstration version there is a folder with a variety of interactive PDFs. On each page of the PDF you can find a number of scribbles. The scribbles represent the words from the text and you can make them larger or smaller.

Pdf Scribble is the ideal way of reading the Internet and the eBook. In the demonstration version there is a folder with a variety of interactive PDFs. On each page of the PDF you can find a number of scribbles. The scribbles represent the words from the text and you can make them larger or smaller.

A simple easy-to-use program to backup your pictures and videos. When the program runs it displays a list of the folders on your computer in the standard Windows Explorer. The program can automatically select the most important pictures and videos.

List of the most useful windows functions from the Start menu which are not always easy to find.

Easy to use shell extension that makes working with the Windows Explorer easier and faster. It works with Windows 7 and higher.

Simple easy-to-use tool for getting information about the computers connected to your network. The program lists all computers and can search them by name, IP address or by MAC address. You can also see their version, free memory, free disk space, if they are online and when they were last connected.

An application for writing and sending PDF eBooks. It allows you to write text on the PDF and also gives you the opportunity to make different graphic objects.


Lakeside Reflection

Lakeside Reflection is a screensaver that allows you to see the beauty of a clear lake from a completely new angle. You can sit and watch the scenery while taking your mind off your daily tasks, or just relax and watch the sun being reflected in the clear water of a lake. The background is in a black and white style, which allows you to relax and stare at the scenery. The sound track included in the package aims to calm the viewer but can be turned off from the screensaver preferences.Sunday, June 20, 2011

Almost exactly a year ago, I had a wonderful day of ceramics at Ardea Pottery with a friend of mine. I made some pottery, my friend made pottery, we chatted, ate a light lunch and then I packed up my stuff to go home. It had been a wonderful day and I looked forward to making it all over again with her a year later. Unfortunately I was not able to go to her class, and she is still making pots and selling them from her home studio, but it was fun getting to reconnect with her.

P.S. if you go by there, check out the new pottery area. There are great prices and they make great gifts.

Thursday, June 17, 2011

I love these three little ceramics in the mason jars I made. I got the mason jars at Michael’s for $1.98 a piece and I used porcelain paint that you can find at any craft store for a small amount. I’m not sure what I’m going to make with them, I’m thinking dessert recipes.

Monday, June 14, 2011

I made these little daffodils for a friend. These were actually going to be planters, but I needed to make them into something else and I was having a party and thought it would be cute to make them into daffodils.

It was actually kind of a pain to make. The daffodils are wrapped in paper and taped together and then painted. They didn’t come out as nice as they should have, I think maybe I should have bought a little jar and painted them directly into it. The wire comes in a bag which you then wrap around the stem and leaf with just enough to wrap it but not too much. Then I painted the base of the flower with a pretty bright green and painted the stem yellow. When I finished painting them I let them sit a few

What’s New In?

*It’s very easy to setup and control from your web browser.
*There is a Waterfall screen saver available to view during
*You can use it to make a personal time for yourself.

Version history:

1.1.1 The performance has been improved.
1.1.0 No changes.
1.0.2 Fixed the bug of the text field input.
1.0.1 Fixed the bug of the time selection.
1.0.0 Initial release.

Note: To prevent the user from using the waterfall screensaver on a specific computer with an image viewer plugin installed, it is also available on this website:

Note: Please be sure to read the “license” section, and to choose the option that fits you (a trial version is available as well)


This screensaver is distributed under a “Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike 3.0 Unported” license. You can choose to do some actions with it, like copy, or modify it, or share it, or anything else. However, you have to give credits to the developer of this screensaver. You can give credits to me or other developers, but not the screen saver itself.

You can choose from one of these three ways of giving credits:

By submitting a bug report, if you have found a bug, or if you have written a good article, or if you have provided a good screensaver.

By writing a good review, or by writing a good feedback if you have not been able to reproduce a bug.

By buying a license, if you agree to share your license key with the developer of this screensaver, so it can be distributed for free, and for giving credits for your purchase.

Purchasing a license will not, in any case, give you access to the trial version, which is only available for non-commercial usage.

If you use the screen saver to its full capacity, you are requested to use the last version available on the screen saver’s website:

You can also choose to link to the screen saver’s site, or to have your link added to the screen saver’s website.


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I also made a Facebook group for this screensaver:

If you think the screensaver does what it is supposed to do, and you would like to support my work, please consider buying one of my other screensavers

System Requirements:

Minimum specs
OS : Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (Home, Professional and Education)
: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (Home, Professional and Education) RAM : 2 GB of RAM
: 2 GB of RAM GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or above, NVIDIA GTX 460 with 1GB of VRAM or above, AMD HD 6670 or above, or 2GB of VRAM
CPU : Intel Core i3 or above, AMD Athlon II X3 450 or above, or