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The Most Advanced Key-Mapping Software App & Computer Keymapper!
Make Easy to Switch Your Computer Keys and Keys of Programs.
Install Multiple Keys with Add-ons, Shortcuts & Hotkeys.
Save Keyboard Keys for Different Programs and Websites.
Customize Keyboard Keys and Make Custom Shortcuts.
Support for tons of Languages.
New Keyboard Features Including Computer Keys for Windows & Android.
Key-Mapping is something we all do to make life easier. We find shortcuts to do certain tasks and find ways to make the most of our technology. If you find yourself typing the same repetitive strings of text and want to create a shortcut for your web browser, a Gmail subject or a Word document, or even to use CTRL+SHIFT to do the same thing, then you are not alone.
Instead of getting frustrated with repetitive typing, you can simply switch your keymap so that you type in just a single keystroke. We all know that the best way to use our mouse is to do so with our left hand. The good news is that you do not have to move from your keyboard to your mouse, you can do this with a simple software tool. For example, if you type “m” to open your mail and “g” to open your Google, you can simply switch the keys to get the same result. This is called key mapping, and it is one of the most powerful features we have to offer.
KeyMacro is an application that will create these shortcuts for you, making them more accessible than ever before. There are many options to create shortcuts for your web browser, word processor and your inbox. You can make new sets or change the key mapping you use to launch applications such as Firefox, Chrome, Explorer and even iTunes. The program can automatically record your repeated keystrokes, and it will automatically save your keymaps into a zipped file for easy reference. With the free demo version, you can test all the features. It is time to unleash your keys.
KeyMacro allows you to create a number of keymap files, including one for your desktop, one for your Android phone and tablet, one for your Android tablet, one for your iPhone, and one for your Kindle Fire. What this means is that you can change keymap of your Android device to that of the computer and your email address to that of your iPhone, so that you can simply type in a word to get the result on all your devices. You can easily map keystro 4f8c9c8613

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Keyboard Macro Builder is a specialized third-party application designed to help you define, manage and create keyboard macros for MS Windows systems.
Support for many popular commands and special characters, including Russian and Thai keystrokes, has been implemented, thus extending the number of commands that you can have at your disposal in case you have a keyboard that lacks them.
In addition, this tool will allow you to create keyboard macros that will be automatically launched at the push of a single key on your keyboard.
Graphical user interface, task manager, window list and more
In order to access all the functions offered by this application, you will be required to use its graphical user interface. This means that you will be able to launch and use it through a desktop icon, launch it from within the context menu of any folder, or just by using it from the context menu of any open document.
This tool is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP as well as Windows 2000, 98 and ME.
Advanced keyboard configuration
Keyboard Macro Builder also offers a bunch of additional features that can help you customize your keyboard’s configuration.
You can, for instance, assign a specific key to a keyboard macro, define the position of each macro on your keyboard, and even drag and drop keyboard shortcuts from other applications on your computer.
Lightweight tool, ready to use
Keyboard Macro Builder is a lightweight tool that offers you a number of customization options, all at your disposal through a graphical user interface, and doesn’t require you to install it on your computer in order to use it.

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