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Keeping all your software up to date is a prerogative if you want to benefit from protection against threats as well as enjoy the advancements brought about by new versions. And while keeping track of changes your apps undergo could be quite a hassle, there are solutions to automate the entire process.
Portable SUMo is one such tool that helps you check your installed programs for updates and bring them to their latest version.
Portable updater boasting automatic detection
But let’s start by discussing the most obvious aspect related to this software utility, namely the fact that it is portable. What it means is that no entries are created in the Windows Registry, given the fact that no setup is required in order to start using the app.
Featuring automatic detection of applications installed on your system, Portable SUMo lists all found products in a list that includes their name, the company they belong to, their version, and details in regard to possible updates. Note that all this info can be exported to a text file or a spreadsheet for later use.
Comes with automatic self-update and Beta filtering
It is also worth pointing out that editing the list of monitored programs is an option, and scanning folders is possible as well. Aside from that, irrelevant updates can be ignored either individually or in bulk.
As for how Portable SUMo helps you decide which updates are worth your attention, you may want to know that a classification based on their importance can be inspected at the top of the main window.
Other notable features Portable SUMo provides users with include the possibility of authorizing Beta versions, resorting to the automatic self-update system, as well as accessing the software developer’s website directly in order to grab the update. Last but not least, it should be said that functionality dedicated to drivers updates is integrated as well.
Feature-packed tool keeping your apps and drivers in tip-top shape 
On an ending note, Portable SUMo is an update checker that should come in handy if you are in need of a tool that manages to find a balance between a powerful set of features and ease of use. The program lets you effortlessly handle all the updates issued for your installed apps and drivers while boasting some extra goodies that should make the entire interaction with the tool easy as pie.


Download ->>> https://blltly.com/2mvr0q

Download ->>> https://blltly.com/2mvr0q






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This software tool will scan your entire computer and keep track of all the applications and devices installed on it. It will alert you in case of a new version of the program or a new version of a device driver. In the main program window you will be given information concerning the company the product belongs to, its version, and the device/software it’s associated with. You can either handle updates all by yourself or let the software scan for them automatically. Updates for both Windows apps and Windows device drivers are supported. In case you need a bit more data about an application or device, there is an option to export the data. There are a number of different sorting options, so you can sort the list by name, company, version and key words, to make searching easier.
It will keep track of drivers and their versions and shows you which versions are currently installed on the system. There is also an option to download the latest beta driver. This allows you to be sure that the software you install will not cause any harm. There are the following driver updates supported: – Realtek rtl8188cu – Realtek rtl8192cu – Realtek Realtek 8192cu – VIA sound devices – O2 network devices

Pinch to zoom and search

Most importantly, this software tool can search for updates in any folder on your computer. You can either open the folder you want to search and select the files you want to search, or use the graphical interface to search the entire hard drive for updates. You can also use key words in order to locate the desired files.

You can use the advanced option to specify the kind of updates you wish to search for. You can either search for those released by the same company as the one the program is associated with, or search for all updates released by a particular company. You can also choose to ignore all irrelevant updates, or search just for drivers.

Additional Info

Portable Updates’s developer is Portable Software Updater, the company is based in Chintadripet, TN, 61534, United States. The app is available for users with Windows 7 and above and it doesn’t seem to be available for mobile devices. It is currently in English language. The software is distributed in English language only.

Portable Software Updater is developed by Portable Software Updater, the program version is 3.0, it include 0 file(s) and is 50.13 MB in size.

Portable SUMo Crack + Full Product Key

Portable SUMo Full Crack is an update checker and portable app from Sumo Logic that is well-equipped to perform the required tasks, helping you keep all your software up to date. With it, you can easily check all installed applications and drivers for updates and bring them to their latest version.

About Portable SUMo

Portable SUMo is an update checker and portable app from Sumo Logic that is well-equipped to perform the required tasks, helping you keep all your software up to date. With it, you can easily check all installed applications and drivers for updates and bring them to their latest version.

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Automatically update your favorite programs! Discover summ.com’s updates, check for available updates and get access to summ.com’s website using summ.com’s portable update tool! Updates are listed based on the importance, and the updates are classified into “Critical”, “Important”, “Non-Critical” or “Unimportant” types. No more double-check! No more time-consuming set-up! Portable summ.com update tool also scans user-defined folders, active processes, startup items and startup folders to discover updates. Portable summ.com is easy and fast to use! Just launch it and let it do the job for you! SummarySum.com Portable Update Tool. Overview; Install; Help; Close; Exit; Summ.com Update Checker – Portable.
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What’s New In?

✔ Automatically detect and check for updates of your installed programs✔ Backup and restore program settings✔ Scan and show list of folders with updates✔ Enable/disable auto-updating feature✔ Installer runs without any installation✔ Support for Windows 8 and newer versions

About Portable SUMo Portable SUMo is a free software for Windows Portable and can be used to check for updates of all installed software with a single mouse click. Portable SUMo also allows you to easily backup and restore program settings and can automatically download/install updates of your installed software in one click. You can also launch Portable SUMo from any Windows Explorer window, just like an app, to quickly check for new updates.
Portable SUMo Portable
Portable SUMo
Check for updates
Portable SUMo Portable
Source Code:
Please report any issues and bugs on the Portable SUMo Forum. We use these bugs to improve your Portable SUMo experience.

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System Requirements For Portable SUMo:

Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
The minimum screen resolution is 1024×768
The minimum video card is 1GB. The recommended video card is 2GB.
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4 GHz or faster.
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 9800GT or ATI Radeon HD 2600 or higher.
If you are having problems, please see the Support page for help.
Sometimes you may need to download