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Supported platforms for AutoCAD:

Platforms that support AutoCAD are provided by AutoCAD itself. However, you may also need to install a Microsoft Windows application program, a non-Windows graphics driver for your particular computer, and a plug-in or related software component for AutoCAD. You can download all of these at the Autodesk site.

The benefits of using AutoCAD are wide-ranging, and the basic user interface provides an intuitive way to enter, view, edit, and save all types of data. AutoCAD is not just a single product, but rather a family of products and solutions that have specific uses. This family includes AutoCAD LT, a general-purpose flat-panel CAD system and companion Web-based design tool, as well as AutoCAD R2014, a Windows-based, 3D-modeling-centric product designed for architects and interior designers.

AutoCAD is available for purchase from many software providers, including AutoDesk, Inc., Autodesk Apps, and Autodesk. AutoDesk also produces the free AutoCAD Desktop and Web apps for Mac and Windows.

Learn about the release of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT by reviewing the Autodesk website. You can get AutoCAD as a stand-alone purchase, or you can obtain AutoCAD and the AutoCAD LT package together in a discounted bundle that includes access to the Autodesk Design Web site.

Note: AutoCAD LT and Web are separate products; you need to purchase AutoCAD separately. Also, the products are often found in groups that include AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Level

The AutoCAD version number is in the form of X.Y.Z, where X is the major release, Y is the minor release, and Z is the current build number. The build numbers are incremented with every release. AutoCAD X.Y.Z can run in X-platform modes that are compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP, or X-platform modes that are compatible with Windows 2003.


AutoCAD LT (or AutoCAD LTS) is a stand-alone version of AutoCAD. It includes all features found in AutoCAD, plus additional functionality such as:

Three-dimensional (3D) editing, drawing, and modeling


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Engraveable surfaces, like corrugated metal surfaces, can be marked with the Corrugate.AutoCAD 2009 extension in order to create patterns and define corrugation steps.

In AutoCAD 2010 an integrated product design module was added.

AutoCAD is a suite of software products, which includes a lot of tools to create customizations. The customizations made in AutoCAD have mostly been in the form of add-ons, extensions, or macros. In recent years AutoCAD has introduced the ability to create user extensions.

The most common form of customization in AutoCAD is through the use of AutoLISP. AutoLISP was AutoCAD’s implementation of the LISP language. While LISP has been widely used as a programming language, its most recognizable use is as a high-level scripting language.

Visual LISP (VLISP) is a similar implementation of LISP, which is less popular. VLISP is used by developers creating custom functions and macros, while AutoLISP is used by users creating customizations or add-ons.

VBA is the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications language. VBA was developed to provide developers with the ability to program add-ons for Microsoft Office applications. VBA add-ons are typically written in Visual Basic and are delivered to end users as a separate component to Office. AutoCAD has used VBA as a means to automate user customizations.

.NET is a programming language implemented by Microsoft that can be used to create add-ons for other software applications. Autodesk has used.NET as an alternative to VBA.

ObjectARX was an AutoCAD extension programming language similar to LISP. ObjectARX was the first implementation of the concept, which was later used as a starting point for.NET. ObjectARX was used to create products such as Align AutoCAD to the other applications.

Add-ons are customizations created by third parties, which allow the user to perform specific tasks within AutoCAD. The most common types of add-ons are extensions, macros, components, add-ons, and plugins. The majority of add-ons can be installed by the user.

AutoCAD has had support for add-ons since the release of AutoCAD 2002. Add-ons are customizations that perform

AutoCAD Free Download [2022-Latest]

Click Start, All Programs, Autodesk, Autocad 2013.

Double-click Autocad 2013, then double-click Autocad 2013 32-bit or Autocad 2013 64-bit as appropriate.

Click Next.

Click Install for desktop installation.

Click Next.

Click Install.

Click Finish.

Start Autocad.

How to use the full version

Now that Autocad has been installed, you need to activate it.

Click Start, all programs, Autocad 2013.

Click Autocad 2013.

Click Activate.

Click Start.

Right-click Autocad 2013, and then click Run As Administrator.

Click Activate.

How to use the test version

Before you begin to use the free test version, you need to register it.

Note: You cannot use the test version without registering it.

Open the Autodesk Download Center from the Start screen and then click Autodesk Autocad 2013.

On the Welcome screen that opens, click the Get Started button to download the Autocad 2013 test version, and then click the Install button.

Note: You may be prompted to update the test version.

Click Close to close the Welcome screen.

Step 1: Start Autocad

Start Autocad.

In Autocad, click Start.

Step 2: Connect to a database

Before you work on a drawing, you must connect to your database.

Click Open Database.

The Database Connect dialog box opens.

Step 3: Open a drawing in Autocad

The drawing that you want to work on needs to be open.

To open a drawing, select the drawing that you want to work on, and then click Open.

If you have more than one drawing open, you can select which drawing you want to work on by clicking its name in the Open Drawing dialog box.

Step 4: Open a drawing in Autocad

In the Drawing Manager, click the drawing that you want to work on, and then click Open.

You can also drag a drawing from the Recent Drawing list into the Drawing Manager to open it.

Note: The default database location is C:\users\userName\Documents\Autocad 2013\Test.mdb.

Step 5: Design in Autocad

What’s New In AutoCAD?

AutoCAD 2023 is now based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, an innovation in CAD technology that has the ability to integrate a variety of 3D features into 2D drawings. This platform includes:

2D/3D object coordinates and dimensions

2D and 3D graphics

Numeric properties of objects and their components

Project settings for parameters

There is also a new coordinate system with a 3D hub and 3D reference coordinates, which are now the default coordinate system when you enter a drawing or export a drawing.

These features help you organize, manipulate and analyze 2D and 3D CAD data.

Markup Assist has been enhanced to work in more drawing modes, such as drawing by annotations. You can select a 2D or 3D object and generate a unique number for that object, which can then be used to reference that object in any annotation, enabling you to keep track of changes in annotations.

If you are using the embedded 2D/3D reference coordinates, you can display the design history with the “Show Design History” option in the context menu.

You can now copy or move the scale properties of the most recent entity in the design history. You can also scale the entire drawing with the drawing scale property.

CAD professionals can access new tools and command enhancements for AutoCAD, and integration with the other AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT products. More detailed information on the new features and enhancements is available here.

Cloud Subscription:

When the subscription fee is due, your license will be suspended and you will be prompted to renew your subscription. If you have a Cloud subscription, you will need to sign in to your subscription to renew it. If you do not have a Cloud subscription, the subscription renewal will occur automatically. For help renewing a Cloud subscription, please visit

Audio Playback:

A new feature in AutoCAD 2023 enables you to hear annotations being performed on the model. You can choose to be notified or not, and choose the notification level, which is silent, low volume, medium volume or high volume. You can also choose the notification interval.

If you experience difficulties with playback, please see Help and Customer Support for more information.

User Preferences:

When you save and load user preferences, you can now create a shortcut to the folder

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows XP with SP3 or higher. Windows Vista and Windows 7 are not supported.
To play online you need a broadband Internet connection (broadband) for the best performance.
To play offline you need 3 GB free hard disk space and at least 4 GB RAM.
For faster experience with a new system you can upgrade the RAM to at least 8 GB.
The minimum requirements may vary based on your computer hardware and other factors.
Update: Game is now available on the Steam Early Access platform.
Download Game here.