On-the-go wellness hacks: Nnenna Onuba, Founder, LBB Skin

Posted on November 25, 2019 inBalance

Balance is not something you achieve “someday”. At LBB, we believe in finding that balance wherever you can and bringing life’s little luxuries with you wherever you go. Our new Behind the Scenes interviews will feature a new guest every fortnight. For the very first in the archive, we sat down with Nnenna Onuba, founder of LBB Skin, who shares how she stays healthy on the go, her favourite podcasts, and how she saves time with some simple, yet clever little hacks.

“I am very curious, hyper-energetic and passionate about living life to its fullest. Prior to LBB, I worked as a corporate finance banker in London advising clients in the UK, Europe and Africa. I am also a PwC qualified chartered accountant and an Imperial College trained engineer.”

When Nnenna found herself between lunch- time pilates, getting ready in a taxi and in meetings across every corner of the globe. She realised she had to be agile to fit in those activities that brought balance and quality to her busy life. She needed products that worked as hard as she did. Her research showed she was not alone – Cue LBB… Learn more about the LBB story here.  

I believe beauty is about a confident attitude. My skincare routine was sacred, because it was also one of the few times in my day that was just mine – me doing something good for me. No one should compromise on that“.

Favourite on the go brainfood: These three have been on heavy rotation recently and are reflective of my current headspace. In another time this could all be Simponsesque comedy style podcasts. Thrive Global – it’s where I discovered my ultimate woman crush Mellody Hobson. Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast. If you’ve read any of his books, you’ll know that he is a great storyteller and i like that it’s eclectic. Finally, there is StartUp, the name says it all.

Top immune boosting remedy: Lots of water, I often opt for fresh mint tea as water can get quite boring on its own. Plenty of Vitamin C usually in the form of citrus fruit and vegetables. Kombucha and Kimchi since I’ve become more conscious of the importance of good gut health. And very recently, my Vitamins D and K2 supplements and here is why.

Favourite way to destress when you’re out and about: Aromatherapy for sure! Scents and smells are so important for helping me relax and my trusted Flight Mode is never far. I also exercise regularly, about 3 to 4 times a week – I’m addicted to those feel good endorphins from my Zumba class. It’s not always easy, and why I find classes and PT help keep me accountable and consistent.

Essential on-the-go luxury you can’t leave the house without: My music i.e. Spotify. I was an early premium adopter, these days, I get premium free with my Vodafone mobile phone contract. My headphones go hand in hand with the music. I’ve been keeping things discrete with these in-ear Jabra Elite 65t Active True wireless headphones, the battery life is great and they are sweat proof. Finally, I always travel with my resistance bands, as I never know when I’ll have time for a quick workout on the go.

Three favourite time saving hacks:

A-Game is my skincare hero – I get complements all the time about my skin and I put it down to using A-Game consistently as my day and night moisturiser for the last two years. It’s everything, especially on the go when I need that instant moisture boost. Starbucks app, which allows me to automate my morning coffee ritual. I’ll order my coffee as soon as the train pulls into the station. By the time I come out of the station and get to Starbucks, I walk past the long queue of people and head to the front, where my coffee is ready and waiting. It’s a real game-changer. 

When I’m in a rush or know I’ve got a busy day the next day, I stick to one-pieces – dresses and jumpsuits. One item means fewer choices, and I have built my wardrobe over a few years with this in mind and so I don’t need to think about it the night before. A selection of jackets and shoes stored in the office, make it easy to transform an outfit for any occasion especially for any impromptu trips.

One interesting fact: My name Nnenna is pronounced as Nn-E(as in E for Egg)-Nn-A. It’s an Ibo name (a Nigerian language) and means father’s mother – a tribute to my paternal grandma who passed away before I was born.

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