Top 10 activities helping us stay sane during lockdown 3.0

Posted on January 17, 2021 inBalance

Now that we’re on our third run of lockdown, we decided to ask a few of our friends what’s been keeping them going. Find out what helped raise the spirits of CLUB and Team LBB.

Now that we’re on our third run of lockdown, we decided to ask a few of our friends what’s been keeping them going. Find out what helped raise the spirits of CLUB and Team LBB.

1. Extreme Makeover Fantasies

“Deep down, I just want to furnish a house that I do not yet own”.

Charles, Engineer / Dad / Home improvements Junkie #clublbb.

Charles’s special form of escapism is interior design – think “Queer Eye” – and he finds it therapeutic surfing property listing sites like Rightmove for dream makeover projects. LBB Hero? A-Game as a daily moisturiser. Tidying up might be right up your street too, if you find decluttering therapeutic. Annabelle, a school head, uses plants, essential oil diffusers, large comfy pillows & blankets and a Marie Kondo-style decluttering system to turn her home into an oasis. Her LBB Hero? A-Game as an on-the-go hero, deskside staple & handbag essential.

2. Yoga With Adriene

“I’ve been watching her videos since the March lockdown and feel like we’ve almost become friends at this point.” Tilly #TeamLBB, a budding journalist and community champion. LBB Hero? Flight Mode as a yoga partner. Tilly tries to squeeze in a 15-20min yoga flow before bed when she can. It seems lots of people are getting down with Adriene, as it came up so many times. Anu & her hubby are currently loving her “BREATH” series and Elizabeth highly recommends “Blanket Yoga” for pulling you away from the proverbial edge.  

3. Relaxing Frequencies For Sleep

Has lockdown thrown your sleep pattern off? Kelly, #TeamLBB, a PR freelancer and energy practitioner, has taken to listening to meditative music each night. “936hz is a healing frequency, instead of focusing on the fact that I can’t sleep (which makes me more anxious and even more alert lol) I surrender only to the sound of the music.” She recommends Meditative Mind on YouTube.

Kelly’s other tip is to prepare yourself for sleep BEFORE you hit the pillow. Start unwinding at least two hours ahead of your bedtime: dim the lights around the house and instead of a shower, which can be revitalising and keep you up, have a long, relaxing soak in the bath instead.

4. The Healing Powers Of Gardening Therapy

Spending time in her garden is Shelley’s definition of me-time. “It’s the first place I go when I wake in the morning check what’s new / changed and needs attention. Watching how life still goes on as the seasons change to turning the garden lights off at night and thinking what I might do or not do tomorrow.” Shelley #TeamLBB is a creative director and CEO of Loft East. LBB Hero? Flight Mode as a WFH assistant.

5. Getting Outside

For Raine #TeamLBB, an artist and creative, it’s her long bundled walks outside, travel mug in hand and little pupper by her side, that keeps her sane. There is of course also her long bubble baths with a martini, takeaways and having a good cry on the phone to her mum in Canada. LBB Hero? Discovery Collection because she loves them all!

6. Volunteering

“Nothing will make you realise how good you have it until you’ve met someone who has it worse than you”. #Clublbb Marianne delivers hot meals with the UK Charity Food for All. LBB Hero? Take Off-Touch Down as a handbag essential ready whenever she needs it.

7. Family Time

Playing Monopoly with his kids is Romain’s #ClubLBB one thing. For Anu, also #ClubLBB, BFI London Film Festival director, it’s playing guess the Celeb in “The Masked Singer” (BBC).

Family time from afar has been a lifeline too – phone calls with loved ones came up a lot! Tilly speaks to her grandparents in New Zealand at least once a week. As lockdown is a thing of the past in NZ, she loves hearing about the normal things they get to do there, like going out for dinner, to the beach and to movies with friends.

8. Thank God For Netflix!

What did we do before our favourite streaming services – Netflix or Prime TV? Many of us are seeking solace in light entertainment. Top recommendations for both sexes “Queen’s Gambit” – who knew chess could be this much fun?

9. Dial Up The Self-Care

“I didn’t take time for myself in the last lockdown. I’m finding it’s crucial this time around.” – Kia #ClubLBB, Soul clarity coach & Host of the Nudge Podcast. Scheduling time for things that bring her joy is what’s getting her through. She’s indulging more…from facials to treating herself to new lipstick, and stacking her shelves with this year’s must-read books. LBB Hero? Flight Mode as a prompt to breathe. You may recall this video on breathing technique from tha last lockdown.

10. Dance Like No One’s Watching

For LBB Founder, Nnenna, it’s her Sunday Morning Zumba – a mainstay since March … Nothing gets my happy hormones pumping more than a good Zumba cardio workout. I get my sexy on and burn calories all from the comfort of my home. You can join me on… 30 Jan. LBB Hero? Take Off-Touch Down as the perfect post workout speed cleanse.

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