Stay alert, control your boundaries, and keep calm

Posted on May 12, 2020 inBalance

Anyone can be tired especially right now. Being human is messy and everyone deserves compassion including you. These 3 impactful tips will help you practice self-care and avoid mental burnout.

1.    Create Boundaries That Work For You

We are well into lockdown by now and with remote working, the lines between work and non-work are now so blurred. Creating boundaries isn’t easy but is essential. Do what you can, starting with baby steps. If video calls are starting to feel exhausting, switch to phone calls or switch off the video. Feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to emerge lockdown with a new skill? Forget that, unplug and play. Observe what’s working and build on from there.

2.    Perfectionism Is Driven by Our Inner Critics

Working hard and being diligent is one thing. Holding yourself to impossible standards is just unhealthy – learn when to let go. For example, parenting during COVID-19 is HARD. You are expected to work, teach, keep house, keep calm, but be vigilant and for goodness sakes, make sure everyone washes their hands all the time and keeps 6 feet away from everyone else! We often talk to ourselves in a way that we’d never talk to anybody else. Executive and Personal Coach, Lisa Quinn advises that the next time you notice yourself doing this, try and imagine that you’re talking to someone you love instead.

3.    Anxiety Is Inevitable and even necessary – Just Breathe

Stress isn’t always a bad thing, some of us actually do our best work under a bit of pressure. Life is Beautiful in Balance. Find those moments of calm to reset and recharge. Now is a good time to start a breath practice. Put aside 15 minutes for yourself daily, breathe in the calming aroma of the LBB’s Mood Rescue roll on oil, Flight Mode. Roll those shoulders back, then, game face on. #yougotthis

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