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All-in-one apps have seen quite the rise in the last few years, and for good reason, as they allow you to get more work done and stay more organized by bringing together some of the most famous and widely used web apps out there.
OneDock is one such tool and, truth be told, it has a lot of things going for it. In short, OneDock is a modern and efficient application that all your favorite web apps under one roof, basically ensuring that your emails, tasks, calendar events, and communication platforms are always within your reach. To use it, you only need a valid Google account (to log in), and a working Internet connection.
Boasts a comprehensive list of supported apps
Let’s start with OneDock’s most important aspect, namely the apps it supports. These are widely varied and include most of the Google apps we’ve come to rely on such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, as well as various Microsoft-related platforms such as OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Skype, Slides, and Teams.
The list is complete with other famous entries such as Asana, Jira, MailChimp, SalesForce, LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Flow, Todoist, Shopify, GitHub, Bitbucket, Instagram, Box, Discord, Wunderlist, Tumblr, Basecamp, Airtable, Paypal, and many others.
 What makes OneDock stand out from the competition?
Even though the concept of all-in-one platforms of the sort is not exactly new and while there are various cross-platform and open-source alternatives out there already (such as Franz and Rambox), OneDock has a few aces up its sleeve.
For once, it has a Dashboard feature that provides you with a clear overview of all the important information fed directly from the apps you’ve already added to the list. That’s not all, as the Dashboard itself is remarkably customizable thanks to fully resizable panels. These panels are automatically populated with notifications from their specific sections making them extremely convenient.
Another great feature is the One Search. It basically allows you to search for any type of content from the apps you logged into. You can search for emails, files, to-dos, notes, contacts across all your SaaS apps from a single place.
As mentioned before, apps such as OneDock are not new, but it seems users are quite reluctant to really give them a shot. In some cases, there may be fears about privacy infringement, in other cases, the GUIs are not customizable and pretty clunky. This is not the OneDock’s case, though, as the app’s GUI is very well-made, making the tool look and feel like a modern app should.
Just make sure you read the Terms & Conditions section before you actually decide to give it a try.

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OneDock is a powerful software application that puts your favorite Google apps in a single location. Keep your Gmail and Calendar synced, access your storage with OneDrive, and create a fresh new file with OneNote.
Our Unique Offer:
Pricing: Free
Install from Play Store | FreeDownload from F-Droid

Multi-account support for: Google Contacts, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Plus, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and a lot more!
This app is a frontend that helps you keep track of your multiple accounts and their data.
– Easy to add your Google accounts
– Keeps all data synced, syncs apps as well, no matter if it’s online or offline
– Preview images from the gallery, videos from YouTube and WhatsApp
– Uses the new Account Picker from Android 7 to quickly switch to accounts
– Some accounts can now be disabled
– Notifications when a sync or change happen
– Migrate Data to this app from the F-Droid app
Please install our Android app before you use this app, otherwise you might have issues or miss some important data.
Available App Versions:
App: v2.0.1b (F-Droid: v2.0.1)
App: v2.0.0 (F-Droid: v2.0.1)
App: v1.4.0 (F-Droid: v1.4.1)
App: v1.3.0 (F-Droid: v1.3.2)
App: v1.2.0 (F-Droid: v1.2.1)
App: v1.1.0 (F-Droid: v1.1.1)
App: v1.0.3 (F-Droid: v1.0.4)
App: v1.0.2 (F-Droid: v1.0.4)
App: v1.0.1 (F-Droid: v1.0.4)
Android App: v2.2.2 (F-Droid: v2.2.3)
App: v2.2.1 (F-Droid: v2.2.2)
Android App: v2.2.0 (F-Droid: v2

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Easily create keyboard shortcuts for apps like OneDrive, Google Docs and Gmail that will let you launch these apps directly from the Mac keyboard.
Keyboard Maestro Description:
Easily create keyboard shortcuts for apps like OneDrive, Google Docs and Gmail that will let you launch these apps directly from the Mac keyboard.
More Info:

After a long-winded wait, we’re happy to announce that the first stable version of the ZenUI global ROM is finally ready. As the name implies, the ROM is a super fast and lightweight global ROM featuring ZenUI’s minimalist-like design, great performance and various usability improvements. It was tested on all major AOSP devices with the exception of the Honor 9 series (JKT91).
One of its key features is that its default launcher, known as First, has been renamed to “Aft (formerly GTK)”, with all the original features still intact and functioning just as it used to before, all while using a different user interface. As mentioned before, it is still based on Android 7.1 Nougat, which is a major release by Google and mostly focuses on security.
The features of the ROM can be accessed by going to the “Settings” page on the ZenUI Launcher, which is located in the right-top corner and can be accessed by going to the settings menu (tap and hold the home button), then tapping the “System” icon (which is slightly different for users with long name apps on their device).
So far, I’ve tested the ROM on three devices: two Nexus 6P units, one of which is my personal device, and the other one was a gift from my brother, and the LG G5. Both of them run on the same device: the GNexus 6P with Snapdragon 808 (2.1 GHz) and 4GB RAM. Of course, the devices are clean and without any mods or other such apps. I’ve also added a Xposed module for the camera, as well as the latest flashless CM12 Beta.
After testing the ROM for a week and a half, I’m happy to report that there are no significant issues or bugs with it that could potentially hurt or affect its functionality.
In fact, here are the main improvements and changes with the ROM:

The latest version of the ZenUI global ROM is here, and it’s packed with new features, such as

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Best free Chrome extension to fast track your Google searches and find the best products


Amazon is one of the most trusted and profitable websites and its main strength is undoubtedly the huge range of products it offers.
OneDock is a Chrome extension that aims to provide you with quick and easy access to its content, no matter what device you are using.
Once it’s installed, the extension will literally sit on your Chrome browser toolbar and will be only a single click away, just like any other extension. That said, the way OneDock operates is actually quite unique, though.
 To understand how this Google Chrome extension works, it’s important to know that there is a dedicated landing page for each of the products on the site. From there, you can search for whatever you’re looking for and the extension will then take over and find you the best products as soon as you type their names.
It might sound like a simple feature, but there’s a reason this Chrome extension is so effective, and that’s because it’s based on a certain algorithm.
A smart algorithm will recognize your previous searches and then choose the most similar products to what you’re looking for in the list. It will also gather information from the product’s description and reviews to make sure it’s got the best combination of features and benefits that will suit your needs.
In a nutshell, OneDock is a quick and effective extension that can help you find the best products in seconds.
 Worth noting
OneDock has been around for a while now, and during its 5-year history, it has seen a lot of improvements and refinements.
 For instance, it has better search results and a smaller list of products that you can select from. At the same time, it’s got a more modern and ergonomic interface.
Chrome extensions can be extremely useful, but if you want a truly effective and productive solution, it’s best to go for a paid app. In the case of OneDock, though, it’s a free extension that makes it easy to access the online store of your choice from anywhere, as long as you’re logged into Chrome.
Other free Chrome extensions of note:



A reliable, all-in-one tool that offers all you need in a Google Chrome extension

What’s New In?

+ An all-in-one solution that offers all the most popular web apps under one roof.
+ Includes apps from all the popular Google platforms (Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, etc.)
+ A modern and efficient solution that was designed with mobile users in mind.
+ Features an easy to use & fully customizable dashboard.
+ OneSearch gives you the ability to search for emails, files, to-dos, notes, contacts across all your SaaS apps from a single place.
+ Supports app syncing with 1Password.
+ Provides a fully managed API for premium features.
+ Windows 10
+ Version: 1.3.1
+ OS: 64-bit

File-manager is a unique and simple tool to help you manage your documents easily. It is a cross-platform file-manager application, supports Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, Fire OS, and even Chrome OS.
This project is now owned by SoftSTUDIO.
Download File-manager
File-manager is a simple yet powerful file manager that supports any file manager’s file manager functions.

Get started and use them without any doubts. There is no need to export data and there is no need to worry about compatibility. The PC Toolbox will help you create a great PC.
Download PC Toolbox
Download the PC Toolbox
Clean installation
It includes more than 100 tools
It does not require any installation
You can uninstall the program if you want to get a clean installation
Supported operating systems
Windows 10
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Windows XP
Google Android 4.0.3
Android 2.3.3
Android 2.3.2
Android 2.3.1
Android 2.3
iOS 7
iOS 6.0
iOS 5.0
iOS 4.0
iOS 3.2
iOS 3.1
iOS 3
iOS 2.3
iOS 2.2
iOS 2.1

System Requirements For OneDock:

(Windows 7, 8 or 10; Mac OSX 10.8, 10.9 or 10.10. All of these are required to play)
(Optional) Create a backup of the game data and start the game once you’re done. If you don’t, you will lose any progress you’ve made.
Some of these games are quite long, so a moderate amount of RAM (4GB) is suggested.
(Optional) After having installed the game and played a little, you should create a backup of the game data. A new