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Photos capture beautiful memories so having a photo booth at an event is bound to build up queues of participants wanting to have their photos taken. To reduce the waiting time, it is highly important to use applications that allow people to get a hold of their photos as quickly as possible. Designed to accompany the main photo booth software, Breeze Kiosk provides a touchscreen kiosk for photobooth users to share, email, or print their pictures quickly.
Configuration summary displayed in the main window
Configuring Breeze Kiosk is not difficult, but there is one thing you have to remember. Since the kiosk has to run on another computer than the photobooth software, the two workstations will have to share the photos. In other words, you will have to share the folder where photos are saved and configure Breeze Kiosk to monitor it.
Aside from the monitored directory, Breeze Kiosk also displays a summary of all the other configuration settings within its main window. Details regarding the used printer are displayed, along with information about the email address, MMS number, Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as other slideshow and display options. To launch the touchscreen interface, the Start button must be pushed.
Share, email or print photobooth images, and play slideshows when idle
The application's settings enable the photobooth operator to decide upon the image types to scan for (JPEG, GIF, MP4, and MOV are the supported formats) and the actions that can be performed via the touchscreen interface. The application can be configured to reveal both thumbnails of the photos and the enlarged picture. Users can print images or send them via email, send SMS and MMS messages, or upload the pictures to the Facebook timeline or Twitter directly.
When in idle mode, Breeze Kiosk can play a slideshow containing photos in a separate location. Options such as the slideshow transition mode, the time interval, the offset, title, and advertisements can be customized.
Enhances the photobooth experience at any event
Breeze Kiosk is an interesting piece of software for photobooth owners, enabling them to offer their clients a better experience and bring additional value to their business. To ensure high rendering speed and optimized playback, the application features a caching system both for images and thumbnails displayed by the touchscreen interface.







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Watch demo videos to learn how to use Breeze Kiosk Free Download before purchasing.

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Connect, scan, print, email, and print large format photos,
using the Breeze Kiosk touch screen photo booth for easy
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It works on any PC with a web browser and printer.
Breeze Kiosk also works with your mobile devices using
your existing bluetooth printer for on-the-spot photo
Breeze Kiosk is easy to install and use. Your event guests
will thank you for giving them the experience of a
personal photo booth!
Download the free Breeze Kiosk evaluation version and
take a look around.
Breeze Kiosk Configuration:
Allows for high quality photos to be printed, directly from the touch screen.
Allows users to email, MMS, SMS and Facebook the
Enables users to create slideshows from photos from a
monitor located outside the booth.
Enables users to scan photo prints for efficient photo
album management.
Enables users to include text or graphic overlay
(full color and transparency) to be printed on the
Enables users to choose from a variety of image file
types. JPEG, GIF, MP4, MOV are supported.
Enables users to choose from various image sizes
(1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, and 24″x36″)
Enables users to choose from various image print
magnifications (2.0, 4.0, 6.0, 8.0, 10.0, 12.0,
14.0, and 16.0)
Enables users to choose from a variety of slideshow
transition modes (automatic, tween, slide-forward,
and fade-in/fade-out).
Enables users to choose from a variety of slideshow
intervals (from 1 second to 20 minutes)
Enables users to choose from a variety of slideshow
end-points (from 0.0 to 1.0)
Enables users to choose from a variety of black and
white, sepia, cyan, magenta, yellow, orange, light
and dark backgrounds.
Enables users to choose from a variety of ad overlay
types (full color and transparency).
Enables users to choose from a variety of ad positions
(above the photo, below the photo, on both sides, and

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Breeze Kiosk connects your photobooth to the Internet.
Browsing the Internet from your kiosk is always easy. Breeze Kiosk is simply a Web browser with additional features.
Browse the Internet
Browse the Internet on your photobooth in a number of ways. Browse popular websites in a single window, or switch to the usual browser windows.
Save the current browsing page
You can save the current browsing page. Just select the “Save current browsing page” button. And then you can access the page any time you want.
Save or open a page as a single file
Breeze Kiosk supports one window multiple page browsing. You can save or open a page as a single file.
Open saved pages with different extensions
You can open saved pages by choosing the “Open saved pages” button. You can save the pages with the.htm,.html,.asp,.php,.css,.asp,.jsp,.bat,.aspx,.xml,.php,.js,.gif,.jpg,.png,.tif,.pdf,.doc,.txt format.
The application takes advantage of HTML5, providing a better browsing experience when working with Flash, 3D WebGL or WebM pages. Thanks to the installed web browser, your users will have a better experience, even on mobile devices.
Browse multiple sites
Breeze Kiosk supports opening multiple sites in a single window. You can switch between multiple sites from a single button.
Open multiple sites at the same time

Breeze Kiosk Photos provides a smart way to organize and share your photos and videos by working with them together. Keep them organized and safe in your Breeze Kiosk applications. Browse and upload videos using your webcam, save your photos, share them to social media, make a slideshow and much more with this fully featured photo browser! Its innovative search feature allows you to search photos in your gallery by their content and tag it with keywords. This means that you can easily search for photos that are tagged with the content you want or by a specific keyword.

Photo Galleries App – This is an application for creating your own photo gallery for free.
It lets you add photos from your phone camera, edit them and then display them in your own gallery. You can also create a photo album and share it with your friends and family, or with anyone who has

What’s New In?

Breeze Kiosk is a kiosk application created for photo booth owners who want to share a portable, easy-to-use and affordable software with clients. The kiosk is accessible via an Internet browser and can easily be added to an existing event without any additional fees.
Breeze Kiosk includes all the usual photo booth features you would expect and even more that will help to create unique memories. The Kiosk allows clients to select their own photos and organize them into groups. Customers can share thumbnails of their photos and enjoy the real-time slideshow. More interesting, they can even chat while waiting to have their photos taken and then during the photo session itself, thanks to the photo booth's built-in video camera.
As a back-up solution, Breeze Kiosk allows the operator to save multiple copies of all the shared photos and quickly choose one of them to send to clients via email, a message or social networks. The selected file can be password protected, which makes it safe for friends and family to enjoy after the event.
Breeze Kiosk includes several other useful features that are not found in any other software. To name a few, Breeze Kiosk can be easily customized by setting different effects, background photos and settings such as thumbnails, video, music, slideshow and timer. The Kiosk is included within Breeze Kiosk and Breeze Kiosk Photo Booth Bundle.

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Title: Breeze Kiosk 2.1

Price: $119.95

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Price: $119.95

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Why is the price low?

You are buying the whole version, not individual components.

How to configure Breeze Kiosk?

The kiosk displays a summary of the configured settings in the main window.

Breeze Kiosk includes a printer.

The kiosk has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, 8.1 and 10.

Have any questions? Feel free to write us:

See screenshots, read the latest version history of Breeze Kiosk here. Breeze Kiosk has been checked for viruses and the security status of this file is checked. Click the Download button below to download the latest version of Breeze Kiosk.Birkdale Farm, Queensland

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RAM: 4GB or more
HDD: 16GB or more (or equivalent in other storage devices)
DirectX: Version 11
Software: The minimum required software must be installed in order to use this game. This will include all Steam Workshop and any DLC you choose