A sleep lovers holiday gift guide for staying home and in bed

Posted on November 22, 2020 inBalanceBeautyLifestyle

Amid the pandemic, the holiday season is going to look a bit different this year. We suspect more of us will be pulling our duvets over our heads and staying in bed. So why not do it in the most gorgeous way. And with all we know about the benefits of sleep for our wellbeing, getting some extra zzz’s should be on everyone’s list for Santa. This guide is dedicated to sleep and stay in bed gifts and gift ideas. We think you’ll find a little something for everyone in this alternative gift guide. 


  1. A good pillow goes a long way toward getting you or a loved one a better night’s sleep. We love the Simba Hybrid Pillow, it’s the perfect fusion of technology and tradition and with removable cubes that can be adjusted to suit you. And if this isn’t your bag, here’s a good guide for choosing a pillow. The classic Ostrich pillow or its more discrete sister is a nice to have for any serious traveller. 
  2. Sleep in style: This Austin pyjama set from Rixo or the feather party pyjama set by Sleeper is high on festive cheer. This Sleep Shirt borrowed from the boys is a favourite with the women in LBB HQ. Scrooge may not have had much of a holiday spirit but he knew a thing or two about sleeping in comfort.
  3. Eco feet –  Snuggle up in bed in these Selkirk Embroidered socks. Socks?! Made from discarded plastic bottles from landfill, they are super comfortable and will score you major eco-brownie points – that’s far from boring. Pair them with these vegan-friendly faux shearling slippers for that retro bavarian chic.  


Silk is a fantastic fabric for your beauty sleep as it’s been shown to leave your beauty products on your face i.e. it absorbs significantly less than cotton for example. And creates much less friction too.  

  1. This ruffled Silk pillowcase from Yolke is incredibly smooth, comfortable, and boasts anti-aging benefits like reducing sleep lines and wrinkles. 
  2. Silk is great if you are prone to dry skin or hair because it won’t steal moisture away from you. As curly/afro hair tends to be more prone to dryness, these gorgeous turbans are a cute gift for them.  
  3. Silk Sleep Mask – Fully darkened rooms will help you sleep better and using a silk eye mask can help you to fully switch off. They are especially useful when traveling or sleeping away from home. This selection from Holistic Silk has something for both sexes.


  1. Breathe easy – Essential Oils are one of our favorite ways to get a pleasant night’s sleep and it’s scientifically proven that inhaling them is the quickest way to get the benefits of the mood-altering effects. Oils like Lavender, Cedarwood, and Patchouli, all found in LBB’s Flight Mode Calming Mood Rescue have sedative properties that help promote sleep. Immune boosting and decongestants like eucalyptus help make breathing easier. Flight Mode is now available on Amazon Prime
  2. Humidifier – Winter air can also equal dry air, which can trigger dry, itchy skin and irritate your nose and throat. Both can make it difficult to drift off to dreamland, and running a humidifier in your bedroom can help. You can also get combination diffusers and humidifiers and there is a good choice of them here
  3. Journaling – Going to sleep with a busy mind can be difficult, and journaling is a fantastic practice to help empty and settle the mind. Especially for those who really struggle to fall asleep or switch off at the end of the day. There is a lovely selection of journals available from the independent beauty retailer Seekology. Where you’ll also find LBB alongside other independent British brands. #shopsmall 


  1. Silky smooth hands – Sometimes referred to as the 2nd face, our cuticles and hands need extra TLC this winter. Especially when you factor in the constant hand washing and use of drying sanitisers as a result of the pandemic. A good balm like our award-winning A-Game Hydration Balm is a must for your bedtime routine. With ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and emollients it softens, soothes, and repairs cracks while also targeting fine lines and wrinkles. 
  2. Silk Moisturising Gloves (splurge / save) are a lovely extra touch to up your pampering game – and they make lovely stocking fillers. LBB Founder, Nnenna’s swears by these in the cold winter months – “they really help the product penetrate deeper and I away wake up with silky smooth skin”. A-Game was voted as a favorite by the beauty experts at the Independent to revive tired hungover skin after all the holiday revelry. 
  3. Take-Off, Touch Down our speedy cleansing solution is handy for nights you can’t quite manage a full routine or for those going away over the holidays. 

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