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WIDO Picture Viewer is a powerful program that can view pictures from
your disks and internal/external digital cameras. You can use a large
number of different image formats: JPG, GIF, BMP, WMF, PCX, XBM, PNG,
PNG8 and ICB. It can also display a slide show and navigate through
the pictures with special buttons or the mouse.
WIDO Picture Viewer supports jpg, gif, bmp, wmf and other formats.
With the time control or manual control you can create a slide show.
You can choose how much time to show a slide, the slide interval,
define the number of shows, adjust zoom and display position of a
picture. You can also set the picture size and brightness.
WIDO Picture Viewer supports direct copy, direct delete of picture
files. With the forward and backward keys or with mouse wheel you
can move around the pictures. You can zoom into a picture and move
around to see different parts of the picture. In case of a zoom error
you can adjust the picture size with the picture Viewer window.
As an alternative, you can use the sliding menu to make the picture
size and brightness smaller or larger.
WIDO Picture Viewer supports a lot of image formats, and converts bmp
into jpg, jpg into bmp, gif, gif into jpg, wmf into jpg and jpg into
WIDO Picture Viewer supports 64 pictures per screen. You can view
all of them, or a random number of pictures (set by clicking with the
WIDO Picture Viewer can be used in full screen mode or in small
picture mode. When you activate the full screen mode, you can drag
WIDO Picture Viewer to the screen border and keep using it in full
screen mode.
You can use the Escape key to close the program.
You can use the Time/Stop keys to play a slide show.
WIDO Picture Viewer
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
WIDO Picture Viewer is Free software: you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
published by the Free 70238732e0

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Use as-is: allows you to start the program and browse for your external hard drive, which makes it possible to open and view the contents. You can right-click on any file and choose to extract or delete it.
You can also use one or two arrow keys to select the files that you want to send to the next step, where you have the option to save them to your computer, copy them to your external hard drive or delete them.

Add-on: gives you the option to view the contents of an external hard drive that is connected via a USB port.

Like its main option, it doesn’t have any other buttons or features. It is based on a single window, where you can view the data on the external hard drive.
The program adds a toolbar to the main window and a separator between the left and right sides. This configuration is common for this type of tool.
You can also move the toolbar to the right side by pressing Shift + Delete on the keyboard. The Toolbar can be displayed at the bottom, top or at the top.

Smaller size means less space is used on your computer
The first time you run the program, you’ll have to browse for your external hard drive. After this, you can access it with no delay.
If you have connected your external hard drive via a USB port, it is automatically loaded. However, you can manually load it by clicking on the Load External Hard Drive icon (the Load icon appears in the Toolbar) that is displayed on the right side.
If you don’t have an external drive connected, the Load icon will not appear.
This tool enables you to extract, open, view, copy or delete the contents of the external hard drive.
You can open folders to view its contents.
You can select files and folders on the external drive and right-click on them to extract, delete or modify them.
The program works just like a regular archive manager: it can open, extract or delete files and folders.
You can also open other applications and navigate through them using the keyboard shortcuts (Alt + Tab, Win + Tab or Alt + Enter).
At any point during the process, you can view the content of your external hard drive from inside Mini Registry Editor using the Load icon.


Lacks the option to set filters for files
You can select one or more file types, but it’s not possible to set filtering parameters.