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Posted on June 22, 2022 inBeauty

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Tool will connect to your machine and flash the new ESC or a web page. Code 0x0201 was used. This is an up to date version of the Wilcom 9 download available at EmbroideryStudio
Wilcom EmbroideryStudio ES 9.0 Programming Instructions Here. File size is 1078×1948 which includes all the install files and documentation for software “ES9.0 Programming Instructions” is a 16.3 MB file which includes a PDF file that goes through the. Joiner – a program that allows you to arrange stitches and designs on the embroidery Stitch It All.October 07, 2018

September 30, 2018

Basing fresh thoughts on the glowing rags
of the eye, this wrinkled flesh a palace or a jail
visible to myself, it seems lost in its own life
or all complete, it stops, starts, and is gone or not
with my perspective playing through and through
minds attention, it becomes and is gone or not
the river of mind, a cry or unknown thought
or laughter or breeze in rutty hair, someone
who has never been here, never will be here
never been there, can never be there, never will be there
and no one knows it, once it is in the mail
it can never be here but in your mind

September 17, 2018

I am a simple person. I always did try
to be so, but finally I am a simple person.
I am a simple person, I could find nothing
to write about. What shall I write about?
It is late, I am very tired, I would like
to go to sleep, but I have just been writing
two hours, where have I been? What did I write?
I wrote about the air, and the warm air
under my arms.
There are so many things that come out of the
stupid lips of dumb people. If I write about
myself I would surely die, by writing it.
As far as I am concerned, I am a simple person,
and I am not going to write about myself.

About Me

I’m a music enthusiast and I love being at home. I like to do my own thing,
i.e writing, listen to music, talk to friends, listen to the radio, write
poems, make up stories, make friends on social media, pretend,

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