Should your skincare go vegan?

Posted on November 12, 2019 inBeauty

Veganism started with food, but has since moved on to become an all-encompassing lifestyle, from clothing, fashion accessories to what’s in your make-up bags and bathroom cabinets and more. If you’re attempting to become vegan for the first time or simply want to clean up your beauty game, it can be quite overwhelming to know where to start. In this feature, we list some of the benefits of a vegan skincare and beauty routine. Starting with the basics…

What is vegan skincare? They do not contain any animal products, by-products, or derivatives. Animal by-products such as honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, carmine, cholesterol, gelatin, squalene and stearic acid are commonly used in the majority of leading brands’ beauty products and cosmetics. From moisturisers and cleansers to soaps and fragrances, these ingredients are frequently found in an extensive range of skincare products. So what are the benefits?

1. Kind to animals  

Just because a product is labelled “vegan” doesn’t mean that it is always cruelty-free. In general, the label “cruelty-free” means that a product and its ingredients were not tested on animals. Testing on animals has been banned in the EU for nearly 15 years. And since March 2013, it has also been against the law to sell cosmetics products in the EU that have been tested on animals or contain ingredients that have been. This isn’t the case everywhere in the world, and be wary of “cruelty free” brands that sell into China, where all imported products must be tested on animals before entering the market. A number of organisations including PETA, the largest animal rights organisation in the world provide certifications that brands are both vegan and cruelty free to help ethically minded consumers get the comfort they need. LBB is certified by PETA. Other certifying bodies include Cruelty Free International and The Vegan Society.

2. Can be less irritating 

Not unlike our guts, our skin has a community of micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, and mites) in it called the microbiome. When your microbiome is disrupted or off-balance (i.e more bad bacteria than good), it increases redness, dryness, and a weakened surface that more quickly shows signs of aging from environmental attack. Good bacteria i.e. probiotics protect the skin and keeping its barrier functioning. While Prebiotics, found in plant based carbohydrates help stabilise the microflora of the skin by encouraging the growth of this good bacteria. 

Natural and plant-based skin products are typically milder than their synthetic counterparts (though even natural can cause harm if used inappropriately). However, if you suffer from sensitive skin, try switching out harsh products for prebiotic and probiotic rich vegan alternatives such as our Take Off – Touch Down or A-Game to help with balanced, younger-looking, and strong skin. Your skin will thank you for it. 

3. Significant innovation driving results 

The growing number of consumers wanting to know more about what goes on their skin has driven innovation in plant based skincare technology. Biotechnology combines the best of nature with the best of science. Allowing us to discover more advanced and renowned cosmetic and dermatological compounds derived from nature and are proven to be safe and effective for skin. E.g our salicylic acid used in Take Off – Touch is plant based, derived from wintergreen and the hyaluronic acid used in A-Game is soluble in oil and derived naturally from plant and wheat fermentation. At LBB, our highly concentrated formulas use active ingredients backed by science to deliver results that pack the most punch – for those of us tight on time, size and space. 

4. Kind to the environment 

PETA, the word’s largest animal rights organisation, claims that by going vegan, you can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide per year – that’s up to 73% from diet alone. Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Oxford found that if everyone goes vegan, global farmland use could be reduced by 75% – that’s an area equivalent to the size of the US, China, Australia and the EU combined. Not only would this result in a significant drop in greenhouse gas emissions, it would free up wild land lost to agriculture, therefore reducing the extinction of wildlife species. So opting for vegan alternatives, even if it’s just a few food or skincare products, can have a tremendous impact on the environment that we live in. 

5. Packaging counts

Vegan brands are known to be extremely cautious about their packaging and design materials, and most come with packaging that has been made from recycled materials. LBB makes a conscious decision to be environmentally responsible, and the majority of our packaging is either fully recyclable or biodegradable. For example, Take Off – Touch Down is made from fully biodegradable sheets, meaning that it can be fully decomposed naturally by bacteria or other living organisms. In the rare instances when our packaging isn’t 100% recyclable, we are committed in our search for more sustainable alternatives.

At LBB, our products will always be 100% vegan, cruelty-free and ethically made. That is our promise to you.

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