Time-saving self-care rituals for your nighttime skincare routine

Posted on December 22, 2020 inBeauty

A few minutes of TLC a day might just be the secret ingredient to glowing skin, a better night’s sleep, and more. Taking care of yourself is especially important this time of year, and LBB is here to help. We’ve put together some of our favourite ways to use your LBB heroes, for maximum relaxation, minimum stress. Whether you have a lot of time or just a little, treat yourself by adding any of these time-saving rituals into your skincare routine. At home, away or on-the-go, they can easily be slotted in. 


STEP 1: Prep your skin – clean face and hands.

STEP 2: Start by warming a small amount of A-Game Hydrating Balm in your hands.

SPEP 3: Inhale deeply from your palms.

STEP 4: With your fingers, work it into every nook of your face including eyes and lips, using upward & circular motions. 

STEP 5: If you prefer tools, you can use a jade or quartz roller or gua sha tool. 

Learn more in our face yoga q&a masterclass session with the amazing a-list facialist Abigail James here . 


Apply Flight Mode Mood Rescue to your temples, then slowly rotate your middle fingers on your temples to the count of 20. Working in small, circular motions can ease and release pressure and pain, helping you curb midday stress headaches and sleep more soundly. 


With all the handwashing and use of sanitisers your hands need that extra TLC these days! A hand massage before bedtime can also improve the quality of your sleep. Massage A-Game into your hands and cuticles, taking the time to work the wrist and each finger using moderate pressure. For extra soft hands pop on cotton or silk gloves (think your winter ski glove liners), before getting into bed. Supple skin guaranteed! 


If you’re very active or spend a lot of time on your feet, your soles may be paying the price. It might sound silly, but slathering your feet in A-Game before popping on a pair of comfortable socks will help hydrate your skin – not to mention be the perfect start to a cosy night of relaxing on the couch! 


Did you know A-Game doubles as a cleansing balm?! Our versatile balm contains purifying Moringa & Marula oils, which make it effective at dissolving dirt, oil, and makeup – while also leaving the skin nourished. Even better, add Take Off-Touch Down cleansing cloths into the mix for an extra-luxe experience. 

Step 1. Start by warming a small amount of your multi-tasking A-Game in your hands. 

Step 2. With your fingers, work it into every nook of your face including eyes and lips of your dry face using circular motions. 

Step 3. Place your Take Off-Touch Down cleansing cloth over your face and breathe in deeply before gently wiping any balm away. For added indulgence on chilly nights, you can bring the spa to you by warming your sealed cloth in the oven – just make sure to use the lowest temp and avoid the microwave. Deeply inhale to enjoy the uplifting aroma before proceeding with your cleanse. 

Step 4. Go back in with your A-Game to target any areas that need that little bit extra (especially if you’re on a moisture zapping flight). Your skin should feel extra soft, supple, and cocooned. 

Step 5. Complete the experience. Roll Flight Mode on to your wrists, temples, and behind your ears, taking a few deep breaths from your wrist. Pop on your sleep mask, earplugs, and do not disturb sign – you’re ready to zzz! 

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