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Seap Crack+ [Mac/Win]

seap For Windows 10 Crack is a lightweight and very easy to use application that allows you to calculate and analyze simple beam bending and column buckling. Simple beam bending is often analyzed with the Euler-Bernoulli beam equation. The formula for column buckling was derived by Leonhard Euler in 1757 and it gives the maximum axial load that a long, slender, ideal column can carry without buckling.seap Torrent Download is designed to be fast, lightweight, simple to use, accurate, and affordable.

What’s New

Version 1.1.0:
• Crash Fixes.
• Revised many translations.
• Added support for automatic calculation of buckling modes and banded structures.
• Added free-body forces in structures.
• Added support for sections.
• Added support for overhangs.
• Added support for sections.
• Added support for overhangs.
• Added support for domains.
• Added support for symmetries.
• Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.0.0:
Seap 1.0.0 is the first version of the application and it provides the foundations for Seap 1.1.0.
Seap 1.1.0 is the first version of the application that provides complete formulas for the Euler-Bernoulli beam and column buckling equations.

Translating Seap to other languages is an interesting challenge. I am currently working on a language dependent.po file for Seap. Because of time constraints I cannot do the necessary QA for Seap yet, so I ask you to be patience for now, as I can not guarantee the final quality of the English translations.

I am trying to get some feedback about Seap in order to make it a better application. If you find any problems with Seap please let me know and I will try to fix them.

If you find Seap useful, please let me know. I am interested in your thoughts about the application.

Please be patient with me, as I will make Seap even better. Thank you.

What’s new in the version 1.2.0:
• Seap 1.2.0 is a completely new application. I have replaced the old formulas for beam bending and buckling with new ones.• Seap 1.2.0 provides formulas for beam bending and buckling that are extremely easy to use and can be obtained from the “Seap User’s

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Seap Latest

* The Seap package contains a collection of functions for the manipulation of 2D-plots.
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* Zooming

What’s New In?

Seap provides simple and easy to use tools to analyze basic beam bending and column buckling problems. The tools are based on the Euler-Bernoulli beam equation and the Euler-Bernoulli column buckling formula. The Euler-Bernoulli beam equation allows to calculate the bending moments that act on a beam and the Euler-Bernoulli column buckling formula allows to calculate the maximum axial load that a long, slender column can carry without buckling.


With the mode view, you can see the beam and column deformed in the main direction of the applied loads.
You can also choose between two different modes for calculating the column buckling of a long column: The default mode assumes that the bending moments in the column are identical to the bending moments at the support, and the new mode calculates bending moments at the center of gravity of the column.


With the tabbed view, you can edit the values of the bending moments that are calculated by Seap and the results of the beam and column buckling analysis. If you add columns to the beam analysis, the columns are automatically added in the tabbed view as well. If you have columns already in the beam analysis, you can click on the column name in the tabbed view to edit the columns.


The interface allows you to select and analyze a beam bending problem or a column buckling problem. To enable the interface for a beam problem, the beam must be the first object in the model. The interface allows you to enter or edit the values of the bending moments, and click on the arrows to place the internal forces. When you click on the Update button, the next step in the beam analysis is calculated.

The interface for column buckling allows you to select and analyze a column buckling problem. The interface allows you to enter or edit the values of the bending moments and the initial axial load, and click on the arrows to place the internal forces. When you click on the Update button, the column buckling analysis is calculated.

The files are made available for download via ZIP archive.


Seap v1.0 was developed by Kees Van den Akker at the Department of Civil Engineering of Delft University of Technology, and the first version was released in December 2013.


Seap can be freely used for any kind of educational use and for internal use by a university or a civil engineering company.

You can download the ZIP archive containing the software files.


Seap is a very simple application, but for the most part it also provides a lot of information. You can find the user manual and other information about the software on the Seap website.

Go to for more information.


For questions about the application, check out

System Requirements For Seap:

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows® 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, or 2000 (64-bit versions)
Internet Explorer version 10 or Firefox version 23 or greater
JavaScript enabled browser
1024 MB RAM or greater
15 MB available hard disk space
Graphic card:
1024 × 768 screen resolution or greater
DirectX 9.0c or higher