Sink-less skincare: streamline your routine

Posted on November 12, 2019 inBeauty

We’ve all been there, out and about and in desperate need to clean and freshen up your skin after a busy day rushing around, travelling, commuting or even that 30 min workout tightly squeezed in the middle of the day. Sometimes, the only time we have for our skincare regime is while we’re travelling from A to B, on a flight or in a taxi and there’s no sink in sight / leave a lot to be desired. Enter no-sink skincare which – as the name suggests – means looking after your skin in the speediest way possible.

So without further ado, here are some of our best tips for the easiest, speediest and most effective sink-less skincare routine.

Remove makeup and dirt 

When it comes to effective skin care, using the right facial cleanser is paramount. If you don’t properly remove the dirt, oil, bacteria and makeup that builds up during the day, the pores in the skin can become clogged, which is when you might notice those pesky blackheads. A great cleanser will quickly remove all traces of dirt and makeup, while hydrating and supporting the natural skin barrier. When hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid are combined with gentle exfoliants, that cleanser  becomes a game changer. This is the exact approach we took with Take off – Touch Down, which is a completely travel friendly and time efficient way to clean your skin. 

Exfoliate for a brighter complexion 

Proper exfoliation keeps your skin looking fresh, bright and healthy, by gently polishing away all the dead skin cells. And good news is that you don’t need a sink and a face scrub for this – simply switch it up for an acid based toner in a cloth form. Products with chemical exfoliants such as AHA and BHAs which sweep away dead skin cells and plump your complexion, leaving it feeling fresh, clean, and perfectly prepped for any serums, creams and balms you might want to apply afterwards. We formulated Take Off – Touch Down with a gentle plant based salicylic acid to help draw out impurities, oil and makeup, leaving you with a perfectly clean base.

Increase circulation 

Adding hydration back in with nourishing oils is a great opportunity to give yourself a face massage to boost circulation and aid lymphatic drainage. When you massage your skin, you help to restore a healthy glow, while shifting toxins and relieving any tension in the face. Plus, there’s no bathroom required, just a spare 10 minutes of your time. Facial tools are also having a moment. A popular form in China is Gua Sha, an ancient healing technique, which involves making small strokes along the skin with a massage tool, which helps to release stagnant energy (chi) within the body. Studies have shown that a daily Gua Sha ritual helps to firm the jawline, reduce inflammation, wrinkles, pigmentation, and even works wonders on dark circles. Choose a tool made from traditional jade to cool and refresh your skin first thing in the morning, or after a long, tiring journey. Our travel friendly balm A-Game is the perfect partner for Gua Sha, with its high oil content and ability to melt into the skin.

Rebalance the skin 

Travelling can be life changing experience, but it’s sometimes less than kind to our skin. Frequent jet-setting exposes us to new environments, climates and temperatures for prolonged periods, which can really disrupt our normal skincare routine. Whether we’re on a plane, train or in the back of a taxi, the air conditioning or heating can often cause the skin to become dry and inflamed. A quick way to rebalance the skin is to use soothing oils and incorporate natural probiotics into your routine, which help to counteract stress-induced inflammation. Find out more about why probiotics and prebiotics help support the good bacteria in our skin here and guts here, or shop Take Off – Touch Down – our prebiotic-rich exfoliating wipes – here.

Re-energise and invigorate 

Breathing in a familiar or energising smell can wake you up just as much as a splash of cold water over your face. We’re huge advocates of combining mood-boosting aromatherapy in skin products to help stimulate your senses and lift your mood. From Take Off – Touch Down, to A-Game, to Flight Mode, our entire collection has been specially curated to revitalise your mind, body and skin in the speediest, most luxurious way possible.

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