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Posted on March 18, 2020 inBeauty

The new corona virus is high up everyones worry list. The speed with which its spread and it’s far reaching impact means that it’s no surprise there is a fair amount of fear and panic. The good news is that coronavirus seems to be pretty easy to kill with common soaps and detergents. CDC guidelines suggest washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water as the best defence. In it’s absence, hand sanitiser containing at least 60 percent alcohol is recommended. In this post, we try not to go over much covered ground but focus on a few reminders for ourselves as we practice good hand sanitisation.

Do you know how to clean your hands?

I hope by now the answer is yes. We love humour as an excellent therapy for anxiety. This “Wash your Lyrics Meme: injects some fun into things. It allows you to generate your own hand washing meme infographic based on your favourite song lyrics. Queen’s hit Bohemian Rhapsody (as seen below) appears to be the most popular poster.

Alternatively, using the time to practice your gratitude by focusing on the good things, and things we can control is not only an effective way to keep your heads amidst all the chaos – it’s also EMPOWERING!

Drying your hands

Dry skin is more prone to sensitivity i.e. irritation and inflammation. Pat hands dry rather than rubbing them, to avoid aggravating skin. Leave a small amount of dampness, then moisturise to seal in the moisture.

Keeping hands moisturised

Ideally moisturise with a cream over lotion as they typically contain a higher concentration of oils which is good for barrier protection. Oils rich in essential fatty acids or omegas, vitamins and nutrients nourish and improve barrier protection. LBB’s A-Game Hydration Balm is a rich top-to-toe moisturiser that ticks all of the above boxes and then some. It can be applied directly to skin without having to touch it – far more hygienic than a lotion or cream.

Does moisturising interfere with cleanliness?

Most times using moisturiser on clean hands shouldn’t be a concern if you do so in a sanitary way – ideally carry your own. However, if you can’t help it and have to use a public moisturiser, avoid touching it directly, or alternatively, wash hands, moisturise and then apply your sanitiser. The oil barrier is a better first line of defence than your skin directly.

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