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GeoZilla was developed as an accessible and small utility that allows you to explore Earth.
You can now use this handy and easy-to-use software to explore the layers of the planet. The application provides a 3D view of the planet as a globe and as a flat map.
GeoZilla is an utility that’s been created with the help of the Java programming language.


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GeoZilla Crack Mac is an utility that provides a 3D view of the planet and a flat map view, and you can see the layers of the planet as an interactive globe and a 3D map.
What’s New in this Version:
Version 3.4.0:
– several bug fixes
Version 3.3.1:
– fix an error when reading the file
Version 3.3.0:
– new features
– performance improvements
Version 3.2.1:
– update version information
Version 3.2.0:
– Fix bug in the export function.
Version 3.1.0:
– add export feature
Version 3.0.1:
– adjust the buttons in the “export” function
Version 3.0.0:
– new features
– support for WebGL technology
– performance improvements
– bug fixes
This application is ad supported and does not accept donations.
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This little utility allows you to explore the Earth.

Earth can be seen in 3D as a globe and as a flat map. GeoZilla can be used to explore the layers of Earth. GeoZilla was developed as an accessible and small utility that allows you to explore Earth.
You can now use this handy and easy-to-use software to explore the layers of the planet. The application provides a 3D view of the planet as a globe and as a flat map.
GeoZilla is an utility that’s been created with the help of the Java programming language.
GeoZilla Description:
This little utility allows you to explore the Earth.

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GeoZilla is a Java-based application for the exploration of Earth. The application allows you to map the areas on the planet’s surface and provides access to the following layers:
1. Pacific
2. Atlantic
3. South Atlantic
4. Indian
5. Arctic
6. Australian
7. Pacific
8. South Pacific
9. Pacific-Antarctic
10. Atlantic-Antarctic
11. Antarctic
12. Australian
13. Atlantic
14. South Atlantic
15. Australian-Antarctic
16. Pacific-Antarctic
17. Antarctic
GeoZilla includes the following types of objects:
1. Country/Country/Continent
2. Rivers
3. Lakes
4. Mountains
5. Cities
6. Natural Wonders
7. Cities
8. Cities and Towns
9. Rivers
10. Islands
11. Rivers
12. Lakes
13. Mountains
14. Islands
15. Lakes
16. Plains
17. Plateaus
18. Snowy Areas
19. Glaciers
20. Plains
21. Snowy Areas
22. Glaciers
23. Peaks
24. Plateaus
25. Mountains
26. Snowy Areas
27. Plateaus
28. Mountains
29. Glaciers
30. Plateaus
31. Mountains
32. Snowy Areas
33. Plateaus
34. Mountains
35. Snowy Areas
36. Plateaus
37. Mountains
38. Snowy Areas
39. Glaciers
40. Plains
41. Plateaus
42. Snowy Areas
43. Glaciers
44. Plateaus
45. Snowy Areas
46. Glaciers
47. Plateaus
48. Snowy Areas
49. Glaciers
50. Plateaus
51. Snowy Areas
52. Glaciers
53. Plateaus
54. Snowy Areas
55. Glaciers
56. Plateaus
57. Snowy Areas
58. Glaciers
59. Plateaus
60. Snowy Areas
61. Glaciers
62. Plateaus
63. Snowy Areas
64. Glaciers
65. Plateaus
66. Snowy Areas
67. Glaciers
68. Plateaus
69. Snowy Areas
70. Glaciers
71. Plateaus
72. Snowy Areas
73. Glaciers
74. Plateaus
75. Snowy

What’s New In?

View and explore the World.

GeoZilla can display the contents of a directory from a zip or tgz file on a 3D globe.
You can view a map of the Earth.
You can zoom the map to a selected location on the globe.
You can move the globe and the map to show different locations.
You can see changes over time of the globe.
You can see a list of all files in a directory.
GeoZilla can show a colored overlay indicating the dominant text files in a directory.

GeoZilla Features:

Very easy to use.
Very small file size.
This application is compatible with Windows 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7.

Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Application Version:

English, Chinese(Simplified), French, German, Italian, Spanish

JRE version: 1.6.0

Java Version: 6.0.0

GeoZilla Free Version:

This application is free for your personal use.

GeoZilla Pro Version:

This application is only available in an Evaluate version.

Table of Content:

GeoZilla has been developed by a software developer called “Robert Benn” from France.
This software developer is free to use in commercial activities.

The application was developed on a personal computer running Windows and Internet Explorer.


(1) If you have problems downloading GeoZilla for the first time, or if you want to upgrade your existing application to the latest version, you must uninstall your current GeoZilla application first.

(2) To uninstall GeoZilla, please refer to your computer’s documentation.

(3) You can always contact Robert Benn by email, if you have any problems.

(4) I cannot be responsible for the content of other software.

(5) If you like GeoZilla, please support me by voting for it.

(6) If you want to give me suggestions, please write to me at [email protected].

(7) If you want to contact me privately, please write to me at [email protected]

(8) Please leave me your feedback after installing GeoZilla, so that I can make further improvements.

(9) If you want to license GeoZilla, you can do so by emailing me.

(10) If you are interested in licensing GeoZilla, you can contact me via the “Contact” link.

(11) I cannot guarantee that GeoZilla will work correctly on every computer.

(12) If you use GeoZilla, please write to me to inform me of your experience

System Requirements For GeoZilla:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8 64-bit (the game works on 32-bit versions, but the minimum system requirements are 64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 6 GB RAM
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Additional Notes:
If you are experiencing a graphical issue, try lowering the resolution of your monitor.
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