7 Compelling Reasons To Add Chia Seeds To Your Skincare Routine

Posted on November 15, 2020 inBeauty

Chia Seed is commonly referred to as a Superfood because of its high nutrient-density. Its edible seeds are prized for its numerous health benefits because it’s high in fibre, calcium, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants – all of which have amazing skin benefits. Commonly found in smoothies and heathy snacks, it really is one of those foods that top up your complexion from the inside-out.

3 fascinating facts about Chia Seed oil

1.    There are conflicting sources for the origin of the word “Chia”.  Some say it’s the Mayan word for “strength” or “strengthening”. Others say it is derived from the Aztec, or Nahuatl, word Chian, which means “oily”. Regardless of any confusion over its name, Chia seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the Salvia Hispanica plant. A member of the mint family which is native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala. 

2.    Chia seeds uniquely have a high content of important saturated omega fatty acids. According to this 2010 study, Chia Seed oil is the richest botanical source of heart-healthy Omega 3 currently known. About 75% of the fats in Chia seeds is omega-3 and 20% omega-6 fatty acids. Chia seeds are also a complete source of dietary protein and very high in soluble fiber. Historically, Aztec warriors and runners relied on it for their stamina, endurance, and energy. They would use a single tablespoon of chia seeds to sustain themselves for an entire day. 

3.    Chia also plays an active role in traditional medicine.  It is used to help heal wounds, relieve joint pain, and internally for colds and sore throats, and in some parts even as an eye wash. 

4 Benefits of Chia Seed Oil for Skin 

Keeps skin hydrated

According to this 2010 study, Chia Seed Oil was shown to significantly increase skin hydration and skin barrier function while also reducing transepidermal water loss. For best results, apply Chia seed oil to moist clean skin.

Keeps skin looking youthful

Omega 3 and Omega 6 are associated with a healthier skin membrane, managing the harmful effects of UV free radicals, and improved skin hydration. All of which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and prevent premature skin aging. 

Improves the skin barrier 

A healthy barrier is the foundation for a beautiful complexion, particularly for those with sensitive skin. Chia seed oil can help strengthen the skin barrier, which naturally gets weaker as we age, leaving skin prone to sagging and wrinkling. The barrier can also be compromised by lifestyle factors such as pollution, UV exposure among others. Chia seed oils high omega fatty acid content helps prevent this weakening by reinforcing the epidermis.

Helps to relieve dry, dull, and irritated skin

Chia seed oil is prized for its anti-inflammatory response and has been shown to help prevent and treat itchy, dry skin conditions. It is especially beneficial in cold weather.

Helps Protect against UV Damage and Dark Spots

UV rays from the sun are the largest source of free radical damage to your skin and this can manifest as fine lines, dark spots and crepiness. As a result of omega-3, Chia seed oil is also known to be powerfully anti-inflammatory and can help reduce UV damage and can even help minimize dark spots.


As much as we love Chia for its nutritional benefits, we love the oil from these little seeds even more for its skincare benefits. All of which can be enjoyed in LBB’s A-Game hydration balm which combines the benefits of Chia Seed Oil with other high-performing plant based ingredients for even greater skin benefits. We source only the best Chia Seed oil, COSMOS certified, non GMO and carefully extracted to ensure its integrity.

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