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Pixlocmeter is a small, simple application specially designed to offer you a pixel to millimeter and backward calculation tool.
Simple conversation between pixel and millimeter for a lot of dpi dimensions.







Pixlocmeter Crack + Registration Code Free Download [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

Pixlocmeter For Windows 10 Crack is a simple pixel to millimeter and millimeter to pixel tool for your computer.
All in one tool, with small size and big calculation process, the feature of the application is user friendly.
Now, you will see the results of your dpi calculation instantly.
All this without losing any of the time that is required to open other applications such as Photoshop or similar applications.
With Pixlocmeter, your conversion between pixel and millimeter is in seconds.
You can save your results to a file for future use.
The application was developed with Objective-C and Xcode.
The application is compatible with Mac OS X and iPhone.
Pixlocmeter and the source code can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store.
But the original application can be downloaded from

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v 1.0 – Initial Release
v 1.1 – Added dpi compatibility
v 1.3 – Added support for iPhone
v 1.4 – Added the ability to save calculations
v 1.5 – Added the ability to start applications.
v 1.6 – Added the ability to change dimensions
v 1.7 – Added the ability to calculate directly to millimeter
v 1.8 – Added a menu for skin to style.
v 1.9 – Added the ability to export to HTML.
v 1.10 – Added the ability to download the source code.
v 1.11 – Added the ability to enter the dimensions of the screen.
v 1.12 – Added the ability to save to Flash.
v 1.13 – Added the ability to calculate and save in seconds.
v 1.14 – Added the ability to calculate backward.
v 1.15 – Added the ability to enter two numbers and convert to
v 1.16 – Added the ability to convert two millimeters to pixel.
v 1.17 – Added the ability to convert two pixels to millimeter.
v 1.18 – Added the ability to calculate the distance between two points.
v 1.19 – Added the ability to calculate the size of the screen in pixel

Pixlocmeter Crack

KeyMacro is an impressive and easy to use simple macro recorder.
One of the best features is that it captures the sequence of keys you type and shows you when you press them. It allows you to view the sequence of events and store them as macros that can be saved and shared with other users.
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A lot of events like cut, copy, paste, etc.
Save macros in text file and share it with other user.
Support customization for recording.
Supports Windows and Mac OS.
How to use:
The application can be run in two ways:
First, you can launch the application from the Start Menu by choosing All Programs/Accessories/KeyMacro.
Second, you can download the KeyMacro.msi file. The application’s folder in the MSI file contains the KeyMacro.exe file. In the folder of the KeyMacro.msi file, the.txt file contains the macros you can see when you open the macro recorder.
After download the KeyMacro.msi file, double-click it to install it. Then, follow the instructions given in the screen to launch the KeyMacro.exe program. After you launch it, the macro recorder starts and you can use it to record macros as you normally do.
To capture the keys you type:
1. Press the Windows logo key (also known as the “Start” key) to show the Start Menu.
2. Choose the application to run. If the application is already running, select “Windows all programs” from the list, otherwise choose “Windows all programs.”
3. Click on the KeyMacro icon from the list of opened applications.
4. You will see a new icon on the right side. Click on the icon to show the recorded macros.
5. You can save macros you want by right-clicking on the black bars.
To clear the recorded macros:
1. Go to the Start Menu. Choose “All Programs.”
2. Click on the application which you use frequently. If the application is already running, click on the icon. If the application is not open,


Pixlocmeter is a small, simple application specially designed to offer you a pixel to millimeter and backward calculation tool.
Simple conversation between pixel and millimeter for a lot of dpi dimensions.
In order to get pixel width, height, and rotation values, you must put on the exact pixel number, dpi (dots per inch) value or metric value (If you want to apply the width or height to an image in metric system).
If the height or width of the image exceeds the pixel value, the application will automatically rotate the image as required.
This software is intended to be run on the Windows OS platform.
If you want to see the pixel size in exact millimeter, enter the pixel size and click on the “Calculate” button.
If you want to measure the dpi value, enter the pixel value and click on the “Calculate” button.
Pixlocmeter Features:
– Based on the image size, pixel size calculation can be done in dpi, pixel, and in mm.
– Approximate size calculation by dpi and pixel.
– Approximate size calculation by dpi and pixel.
– The pixel to mm conversion ratio is automatically stored in the software.
– Tool tips are displayed with each option.
– In addition to pixels, the square of pixels, and value of pixels can be calculated.
– Additionally, height and width calculation can be done with your desired precision.
– The software will calculate the approximate length of the size of the image.
– Also, it will calculate the approximate length of the size of the image.
– Image rotation calculation.
– Many options can be set, including the option to set the unit system of the software as well as the image size, dpi or pixel size.
– Tool tips are displayed with each option.
– The software is ready for your work and operation on the Windows OS platform.
– The software is written in Visual C++.
– You can select the location of the software and install it, or move it to a different location.
– The installation instructions are provided on the software download page.
– The software is applicable for professional use.
– The software is a product of infomax software Co. Ltd.
– The software does not violate the terms of use.
Pixlocmeter Installer:
Please Click Below Link “

What’s New in the Pixlocmeter?

Pixlocmeter is a simple, practical application specially designed to offer you a pixel to millimeter and back calculation tool.
It is the smallest tool in this world. And it has this advantage that it does not need to open a file, if a file is already opened it can show the data.
This application is a unique application in this world.
Pixlocmeter has a small size and has a smaller footprint.

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System Requirements For Pixlocmeter:

You must be running an up to date Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 PC with a USB 3.0 port.
For Mac users, you must have a USB 3.0 port on your Mac (or USB 3.0 cable).
If you are still running Windows XP or Vista, you will not be able to use Steam World RPG: Trost.
You will be able to play with Steam World RPG: Trost, however.
You must have the latest version of the GOG Galaxy client, version 0.6.