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Fast Windows Hider Crack Free Download [Latest] 2022

Simple but handy software utility that allows you to hide the windows of any program running on the desktop. This is especially useful if you have a single window or if you often use multiple Web browsers. It also allows you to configure keyboard and mouse shortcuts to hide your program and show it again later.
Hide windows
Type a program name to filter the list of programs.
Toggle visibility of the selected application by pressing the corresponding keyboard shortcut.
Search for application by typing their names or by category.
Add the program to the list of applications to hide
Pick an icon for your application in the system tray area.
Configure keyboard and mouse shortcuts


Win XP, Vista, 7, 8


Last update date: 08 Dec 2015




AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

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Fast Windows Hider Limited

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08 Dec 2015




4.4 MB


English (USA)

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Win XP, Vista, 7, 8



Download fast-windows-hider_Setup_v1.0.1.11209-00_x86_reg.exe is a freeware program which is distributed at NutzBiz. Download fast-windows-hider_Setup_v1.0.1.11209-00_x86_reg.exe for free and try it for 60 days! You will be able to download all its components, crack, keygen, serials. Latest popular programs from the security category. All programs are checked before being listed here. Fast-windows-hider_Setup_v1.0.1.11209-00_x86_reg.exe is listed in Internet Security category and is distributed by Fast Windows Hider Limited.
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Fast Windows Hider Crack

Hide any running windows with a simple keystroke
Works with any Windows program
Support for keyboard and mouse shortcuts
With no installation required
No virus, spyware or adware
Manual activation is not required
Easy to use
Keeps hidden program from user tray
Work with right-click and drag
Hide an active windows
Hide and unhide windows with simple keystrokes
Restore unhidden programs by a simple keystroke
Unhide hidden windows with a simple keystroke
Hide all windows of active program with a simple keystroke
Easy to configure
A program with 2 parts that work together and complement each other
Easy to use
Unhide all hidden windows
More ways to hide Windows XP
Disable the power button and restore it
Hide the all windows of an application
Unhide all hidden windows
Hide all non-system windows
Hide all non-system windows
This utility has a very small, lightweight and self-sufficient executable. The whole file is only 128KB. It is completely free for personal use.

Fast Windows Hider For Windows 10 Crack

Fast Windows Hider Product Key is an intuitive and very practical application that gives you the possibility to hide any active window from the screen. It offers support for keyboard shrotcuts.

This type of program comes in handy when you want to quickly hide your programs from pry eyes.

Simple setup and interface

The setup operation is immediately finished and doesn’t require special attention. Although this is not mentioned, Fast Windows Hider Serial Key adds an entry for itself to the Windows autostart sequence, but this can be later disabled.

The tool is wrapped in a user-friendly interface which consists of a normal window with a clear-cut structure, where you can select Internet apps to hide, such as Chrome, Firefox or Skype.

Hide windows and configure hotkeys

The application enables you to add the window of any currently running program to its list in order to immediately hide it. Plus, you can remap keyboard and mouse shortcuts for hiding and showing the windows, as well as enhance the app’s level of security by protecting it with a password.

By default, it creates an icon in the system tray area at startup but this option can be disabled. In addition, you can ask Fast Windows Hider Crack Keygen to keep the hidden programs invisible even after exiting it, as well as to run the screensaver.

Evaluation and conclusion

We haven’t come across any stability issues throughout our evaluation, thanks

Fast Windows Hider Crack+ Activation

Hide Windows From Others With Fast Windows Hider -. Top App Features:.
* Hide Your App’s Windows From Others*.
* Take Control Over Your App’s Program By Hiding It From Others*.
* Block Others From Hiding Your App’s Windows.*
* Advanced Configurations For Better App’s Security*.
* Move Your App’s Windows From Screen And Keep It Visible.*
* Advanced Windows Hiding And Quick Show Control*.
* Access Hiding App On Mouse Or Keyboard*
* Easy Setup On 3 Modes*.
* Add/Delete Custom Applications*
* Personalize Hiding Control*.
* Create Custom Shutdown Windows*.
* Custom Taskbar Icon*.
* Hide System Applications*.
* Custom Quick Show Feature*.
* Custom Key Shortcuts*.
* Automatic Screen Saver On Hiding App*.
* Screen Savers Support*.
* Support Portable Mode*.
* Support Linux*.
* Support Windows 10*.
* Support Windows 8/8.1/7/Vista.
* Support Mac OS X.
* Support Linux Mint.
* Support Windows XP/2000/ME/98/95.
* Support Windows NT*.
* Support Windows Server*.
* Support Windows ME*.
* Support Windows 98*.
* Support Windows 95*.
* Support Windows 3.x*.
* Support Windows NT4*.
* Support Windows 2000*.
* Support Windows NT 2003*.
* Support Windows 2000 SP1*.
* Support Windows XP SP1*.
* Support Windows XP SP2*.
* Support Windows XP SP3*.
* Support Windows Vista*.
* Support Windows 2008/2008R2*.
* Support Windows 2012/2012R2*.
* Support Windows 7/7.1/7.5/8/8.1/8.5/8.8*.
* Support Windows Server 2008/2008R2*.
* Support Windows 2012/2012R2*.
* Support Windows 2008 R2*.
* Support Windows 2003*.
* Support Windows 2003 SP1*.
* Support Windows XP SP3*.
* Support Windows XP SP4*.
* Support Windows 2000 SP2*.
* Support Windows 2000 SP4*.
* Support Windows 2000 SP6*.
* Support Windows 2000 SP8*.
* Support Windows Server 2003*.
* Support Windows 2008 SP1*.
* Support Windows 2008 SP2*.
* Support Windows 2008 SP3*.
* Support Windows 2003 SP2*.

What’s New in the?

If you want to prevent children and others from getting to your precious programs by making them disappear after you've minimized them, the Free Hider windows program is what you need. In just seconds, you can effortlessly hide windows on your computer screen, without any flaws. With Hider windows, you can quickly hide programs like Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Outlook Express, Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Additionally, Hider windows allows you to hide applications that you don't want children or others to use. It enables you to easily lock your programs so that no one can access them. Hider Windows also enables you to easily hide (and restore) programs that you no longer need on your computer. For instance, you can easily hide all Windows programs that are not in use by the system.
What's New in Version 1.0:
Update to Hider windows 7 and Hider windows Vista
How to Use Hider Windows:
Step 1: Click on the Hider Windows button in the system tray and drag the program window to the system tray area. A list of all open windows will appear.
Step 2: Select the program window that you want to hide. Once the window is selected, right-click the program window and select the Hide window command.
Step 3: You will receive a small pop-up window telling you that the program will be minimized or hidden.
Alternatively, you can simply select the program window and hit the keyboard shortcut for minimization.
Step 4: When you are ready to hide the minimized window, simply click on the Hider windows button in the system tray to restore the window.
Hider Windows does not protect you from viewing a desktop shortcut, nor from opening the program using the command line interface.

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