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With the UK now nearly three weeks in lockdown 3.0, many of us are finding self-care more important than ever. Last week, we asked our Club LBB Instagram following what me-time they’d been indulging in. The most popular option? Baths!

With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide to ensure your next bath is as relaxing as can be. 


Prepping your space will help you make your bath the escape you deserve.

Whether you’re a bath oil and glass of wine person or prefer a candle and good book, everyone has different bath-time preferences. Whatever yours are, make sure you have everything on hand that you’re likely to need. Having to get out to retrieve something forgotten will only annoy you!

If you have time, we’d recommend a quick tidy-up of your immediate bathtub area too. This will ensure you’re not distracted by any clutter when you’re trying to relax. Seeing mess can trigger the production of the stress hormone cortisol – so, why not trick your brain by removing it from view?

Ventilation is also key, since that extra moisture in the air can dry out skin and leave you feeling sluggish. Opening a window while you bathe will fix this, plus let you get a dose of fresh air at the same time.

To limit the possibility of disruption, make it clear to anyone you live with that you’ll be unavailable. Worried about noise? Turn on the tunes!


Research shows baths are more effective than showers at reducing stress, easing anxiety and fighting feelings of anger or dejection. Better yet, you can up the odds of achieving these benefits by adding complementary scents.

With lavender and cedarwood for calm and lemon and peppermint for positivity, Flight Mode Mood Rescue is the perfect partner to a relaxing bath.

Roll onto your wrists, temple and neck ahead of your bath then inhale deeply once you’re in. Repeat this action any time your mind starts to wander to to-do list!

Candles are a great addition to baths too. Light it while your bath is running so the scent has filled the room by the time you want to jump in.

Flight Mode - Breathe


Music is well-known to impact mood, so why not use it to boost yours during your bath?

According to recent research by the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST), 13 minutes of listening can dramatically reduce muscle tension, negative thoughts and more, making you feel less stressed overall. The best!

We also love this bath-themed Spotify playlist, which meets all the criteria for de-stressing music, and will make you feel as if you’re in a spa.  Worth listening to.

Want to target sadness or boost happiness? BAST has recommendations for that too.


The main order of business during a bath is, of course, the soak! Aim to give yourself at least 20 minutes in the tub for maximum unwinding time.

Tight schedule? 10 minutes is actually all you need to increase blood flow, kickstart your metabolism and start to feel those psychological benefits.

However long you’re spending in there, make sure to give yourself permission to forget about everything else for a few moments. Simply lean back, close your eyes and enjoy your peace! Feel free to add an eye-mask if you need… but make sure not to fall asleep.

More of an active bather? Time to whip that book, wiggle to your music, or fantasise about the fun activities you’ll do once the pandemic is over. Anything to give your mind a break from what it usually focuses on!


Popping on a face mask is a fantastic way to make the most of this me-time. Two forms of self-care at once? Sign us up.

You might know it primarily as a stress-free speed cleanser but Take Off – Touch Down also doubles as a luxe masking option. There’s two ways to do this.

First up, unfold your premium XL cleansing cloth and place it over your whole face. Then, breathe in deep and let that exfoliating salicylic acid and anti-inflammatory prebiotic complex get to work.

When you leave the tub, simply rub your face gently for a full cleanse. You’ll emerge with visibly fresher, brightened skin.

For added luxury, you can also warm your sealed cloth in the oven, before following the steps above. This is perfect for chilly winter nights, and pairs beautifully with a hot bath. Just make sure to use the lowest temp and steer clear of the microwave. Curious? Look out for our demo, coming soon to Instagram

If you’d got some extra time on your hands, try this method out as part of our double-cleanse ritual, detailed here


The ritual doesn’t have to stop once you’re out of the bath. Make the most of this self-care experience by following up your soak with a healthy dose of A-Game.

Our multi-tasking moisturising balm can be applied all over for head to toe nourishment, and is great way to lock-in that post-bath softness. The unique mix of hyaluronic acid, ceramides and more will leave you feeling smooth, supple and glowing.

Moisturising after your bath often feels like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be with A-Game. This LBB hero is perfect on damp skin, and the ideal end to a restorative bath-time ritual.

As it’s so lightweight, you won’t have to wait too long before you can snuggle up in your PJs and switch on Netflix…

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