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There are numerous Markdown editors out there, but it is difficult to find one that is right for you. Many of these applications have come about as a result of users giving up and deciding to write their own software.
Notable is one of them, an open-source note-taking app that uses GitHub-flavored Markdown and keeps things relatively simple, doing away with WYSIWYG and relying on common formats instead of proprietary ones. It is Electron-based, however, which can be a dealbreaker for some.
Uses plain documents that can be imported and exported easily
Every note you add in Notable is a simple Markdown document that is stored in your data directory, which you can place in any location. To synchronize your data across devices, you can save your data in a shared folder.
Since the application does not use proprietary formats, it is very simple to import notes from other software or export them if you decide to use another program. Attachments are also stored in their original format.
Doesn’t use WYSIWYG and lets you edit multiple files
Notable sticks to the basics when it comes to writing in Markdown. No real-time preview is displayed, allowing users to see the syntax until they have finished editing. To hide unnecessary UI elements, you can enable Focus mode while typing.
If you select multiple documents, the application allows you to perform certain modifications to all of them at once. For instance, you can favorite, pin or delete them, as well as add or remove tags.
Use nestable tags to organize your notes
Naturally, you can add tags to documents in order to sort through them more easily. You can also favorite certain notes or pin them to ensure they are always at hand.
Moreover, Notable also allows you to add an unlimited number of nestable tags. All you have to do is write the tag as a file path when adding it (e.g., Softpedia/Tag1/Tag2).
It is difficult to say whether Notable is the right note-taking app for you, but it is certainly a well-designed piece of software. It is suitable for users who aren’t fans of WYSIWYG and prefer to have more flexibility when managing their files, as it uses the standard Markdown document format.







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Notable is a simple note-taking app that uses the power of Markdown to keep things simple. It offers plenty of features to help you manage your data and synchronize it between devices.
Notable Pros:
It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of text editing.
You can sort and filter your notes and keep them organized with tags.
The app offers several categories, including productivity, creativity, work, and study.
You can also add files to your notes and attach files to them.
Notable Cons:
The fact that it uses the Markdown format does come with a cost: the notes have to be saved in their original format, which can be a drawback for some users.
You can’t work with external files within Notable.
Notable is a simple Markdown editor with enough features to make it stand out from other note-taking apps. It allows you to quickly and easily organize your notes. It is a great alternative to note-taking software that lacks advanced features.
What do you think about Notable? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Notable 1.6.0 Download (April-2022)

In this application, you can create your own personal macro for the given commands.
With Marked as a base, each command is divided into its own tag and you can define what happens when you activate that particular tag. You can even add a command to a specific menu that will be triggered with the command and an icon.
Your file is actually saved in the tag that is opened in Marked, so you can use the application as a text editor.
Keystroke Sequencer Description:
Marked has a built-in keyboard recorder which will automatically save all the user-defined keyboard shortcuts as a separate file in the data directory.
For example, if you assign a keyboard shortcut of Cmd+B to a command that will quickly open a new document, it will save this shortcut as a file and will be automatically activated when you open a file.
Powerful File manager Description:
In Marked, you have the possibility to have both the files in your application and the files in the system viewed in the same window.
Additionally, you have the opportunity to copy, move, rename or delete a file and even perform text editing on a file from the directory.
You can also drag and drop files between the two windows.
The new file manager is extremely easy to use and allows you to use the list view and grid view.
Document Color Schemes Description:
With Marked, you can customize the color schemes of the files and folders in the application.
You can choose between three schemes: base, dark and light.
Document Fonts Description:
Marked has a built-in font manager, so you can quickly change the font and size of any document.
In addition, you can import custom fonts into Marked.
Multiple documents in a single file Description:
In Marked, you can have multiple files in a single document.
This way, you can work with multiple documents at once and easily switch between them.
Lightweight Description:
Marked is a lightweight application that runs very fast and uses a low amount of system resources.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that we provide the free version of the software and that our developers are working full time to make the software better. This means that there may be bugs and that the version may not be complete. Please make sure that you carefully read our documentation as well as the license before installing the software.
Serenity Utilities Description:
This version of Serenity

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Notably, the first Markdown editor written from scratch using Node.js. Uses Flatpickr, CodeMirror, gulp and a bunch of other stuff.
For users who prefer a more straightforward approach, Notable comes with a clean interface, and is easy to use, including multiple language support. The editor supports a native Markdown parser, custom tags and mentions, a spellchecker, a syntax highlighting engine, and so on.
Aside from having a few slight design flaws, Notable is a great program for users who are looking for a lightweight editor that will allow them to manage their documents more easily. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you would find in a full-fledged editor like Visual Studio Code, but it still provides most of the things you need.
+ Features a clean interface that can be customized to your preference
+ Quick to open documents
+ Support for multiple languages
+ Well-designed, without any weird UI elements
– Notable lacks many features like a built-in code editor, auto-formatting, and so on
– Notable has a few design flaws, such as random Windows start menu-like items popping up
– Developer has plans to offer some extra add-ons in the future
Workflowy is a task management tool that can help you to manage your work in a more structured manner. It is a web application that can be used on almost any device.
The application features a strong emphasis on flat organization, as you are never required to create nested categories. Instead, you can create lists that allow you to group your tasks into specific projects.
When it comes to editing, Workflowy is a robust editor that features a built-in code editor and has syntax highlighting, which will help you to make your documents easier to read.
+ Works on all devices and platforms
+ Consistently provides a clean, well-designed user interface
+ Open-source project allows for added customization
– Works better with larger collections of tasks
– Can be difficult to install and use on more resource-constrained devices
– It can be difficult to set up for the first time
– There are plans to offer extra add-ons in the future, but they are not yet available
CKEditor is a cross-platform, open-source WYSIWYG editor that supports many different features, such as a built

What’s New In?

It is one of the most famous review/summary software to have come out in the recent days. The company behind this app, FastCompany is famous for its social media-related applications.
The app has an interesting feature to allow you to write a summary/review for any webpage, magazine, website, etc. It is quite a useful and simple tool to have handy when trying to get a better understanding about some sites, even if they are not your sites. The downside of the app is that you cannot share/like your summary and the other reviews.
The other reviews are limited to the website, but you can of course find similar sites in case your review is not good enough.
It comes with some useful features such as the editing of languages, images, subtitles and menus, therefore making it easy for you to write your own summary/review.
Key features:
Save: You can save your summary/reviews for future use.
Share: You can share your summary/reviews with other people.
Creates: You can create your own summary/review to the site.
Languages: you can choose different languages for your summary/review.
Images: you can add images/pictures to your summary/review.
Subtitles: you can add subtitles to your summary/review.
Menus: you can add menus to your summary/review.
The highlights of the app:
You can choose to edit your summary/reviews in other languages.
You can choose to edit your summary/reviews with images, subtitles and menus.
The app is free and there is no adware or in-app purchases.
You can write your summary/reviews with various online websites.
The writing process is simple and easy.

Do you need to store all your files in one place so that you can access them easily? You can use Google Drive to do that. This application will allow you to access all your files on Google Drive, organize them as you wish and get them whenever you want.
Although it is a simple solution, Google Drive allows you to integrate Google+ into it and use it as your social media platform.
The Google Drive app allows you to backup your contacts and documents in one place, so you can quickly access them.
You will be able to access all your data on Google Drive, regardless of where you are. You can simply start the application and follow the instructions. The app also allows you to organize your data into folders and tags. It is simple to move items from one folder to another.
Google Drive is definitely one of the best apps of its kind and it has gained popularity quickly. Users love the fact that you can access your data from anywhere and whenever you want.
It is not necessary to pay for it, since it is an open-source app, however, you do have to register in order to use it.

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