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What’s New In?

This package provides a common base class for a drop down form.
The form will allow the user to add items and display them in a Tree/List view as well as provide the ability to cancel the creation of a new item.

This package is released under the BSD license.

Revision History:
***Version 1.1***
-Sorted Form properties.
-Added Abbreviated Form properties.
-Added Rotated Form properties.
-Added Enabled Form properties.
-Added Moved Form properties.
-Added Position Form properties.
-Added ZIndex Form properties.
***Version 1.0***
-Initial Release

To add a form to the list simply add a reference to this package to your
application or library. Add the base form to your project as a component
and then add the other forms to the drop down list.

Note that to make it easy to use this component you must create a form that
is based on the generic RollDownForm base class.

To use the components on the forms that are added to the list the following
procedure must be performed:

-Add the controls that the component requires for it to function.
-In the OnCreate event handler of the component, the controls can be created and
added to the list form. If any controls are added before the list is displayed,
the controls can be positioned using the DisplayManager that can be found in
the TDisplayManager class.
-The other controls that are added to the form can be positioned using the
FormManager that can be found in the TFormManager class.
-The last thing to do is set the ZIndex on the form so that it is the last item
that is displayed on the screen.
-If there is a method of hiding the component once the list has been displayed,
the procedure can be implemented. The component and its controls can be
hidden, or the list can be made invisible.

A simple component using this package.
-Add the component to your application or library.
-Add a new standard form to the project and create a new form that is based
on the generic RollDownForm class.
-Add the TFormList component to the new form.
-Add the OnCreate event handler for the component to the OnCreate event of
the form.
-Create the controls for the List component using the procedure above.
-Add a list box and a button to the form.
-Use the procedure that is provided by this package to position the controls.
-Set the ZIndex on the form to be the last element that is visible.
-Implement a method to hide the component and control when a user clicks on
the cancel button.

Note that the basic framework for this component is provided for free but

System Requirements:

OS: Win XP SP2 or higher
Win XP SP2 or higher RAM: 256 MB RAM required for 32 bit version and 512 MB RAM for 64 bit version.
256 MB RAM required for 32 bit version and 512 MB RAM for 64 bit version. Hard Disk: At least 20 MB free space is required.
At least 20 MB free space is required. Video Card: DirectX compatible graphics card
DX compatible graphics card Sound Card: Compatible DirectX sound card
Compatible DirectX sound card DirectX: DirectX 7.0 or above